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    OK, don't make fun of me because it is a Glock. If I went with something else, I would not only have to buy 1 gun, I would have to buy 2. 1 for duty carry and 1 for off duty. Then I would have to buy at least 4 new holsters, 2 duty, 1 tactical thigh rig, and off-duty, and probably magazine pouches too. Having the off-duty with the same operational mechanics as the on-duty is the only way to go. If you have to use the off-duty, you want it to be as natural as the on duty.

    Anyway, here goes. It was getting dark fast and I wanted to use the "Gen 4." This was it's first time at the range. We put the sticky target up at approximately 7 yards and I went at it. It was getting dark fast, it got to where I could't see the sights at all. Fired off 7 rounds and then had a squib. It was a good thing that I heard it. After breaking the 19 down to check the barrel, we decided to pack it up for the day. Here's the target>

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    Nice, Linda. What are the differences in the Gen 4 from what you had before (Gen 3?)?

  3. Jo da Plumbr

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    Very Cool

    What is she ... a 9mm?
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    Linda has carried a Glock 19 Generation 1 for the past 16 years and it has gotten beat up pretty well. It has chunks and chips broken off the mag well lips and the frame but it performs as well today as it did when we first bought it but we decided it was time to upgrade. I'll leave the comparison to Glass.

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    Outstanding work Glass. My only question is who supplied the SQUIB round to one of our finest leo's!!?? That ain't cool. :mad:
  6. dunerunner

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    Nice shooting Glass. That BG isn''t happy!!
  7. CA357

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    Thanks for the report. Damn squibs.

    Let us know how you like it compared to your other one after you've had a chance to wring it out.
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    Glass, those are all MOBG (minute of bad guy) and if it was dark enough that you couldn't even see the sights and your first time with that pistol, I say very well done. For sure let us know how you like the Gen 4 changes compared to your trusty Gen 1.
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    Very nice, Glass. I ,too, would like to know what ammo gave you the squibb.
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    Very nice Glass!! Glock has improved my accuracy just by switching to Glock.. They are great and your shots are looking good!! I have a Gen3 19 and I love it. its big enough to stop any BG and small enough to carry ( if Illinois every lets us carry that is, laughable I know,but a guy can dream..LOL)...
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    Thanks for the report. I hate those squib rounds.
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    as stated, that is going to be one unhappy bad guy. nice work for the first time out and in low light. :)
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    I am not sure whose round that was. It was a factory round, nato ball, I had a couple of loaded mags in the range bag and used one of those. I was more concerned about making sure that the bullet wasn't stuck in the barrel at the time. When I though about the case, it was on the ground with the others.

    Yes Jo, it is a 9mm, it is a G-19.

    When I first picked up the gen 4, I really didn't feel any difference. Then, when I was able to compare them side by side, the Gen 4, with no added backstrap, I found that it has slightly smaller grip than the non Gen 4. The "medium" is the same size as the non-gen 4, and the large is about the same amount larger than the original than the no added backstrap is smaller. I never had a problem with the grip on the Gen 1 19, but I will probably carry the Gen 4 without any added backstraps.
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