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    I've noticed that the world has been getting slightly fuzzy lately (ever since the dems took control). That didn't bother me so much as I could still see far off until I tried shooting some of my handguns. Now I can't seem to focus when shooting with iron sites. My group size has enlarged terribly! Help folks! Do I need glasses? And if so how will I choose a prescription (along with the eye doc's help) that'll help my shooting? I've had to use reading glasses for a few years now so that's why I think I might need glasses. Does shooting require a special prescription? Will glasses help? Any thoughts or advise is welcome.
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    I wear glasses and what I've done is just take my normal prescription and buy some ESS ICE (ballastic glasses) then order the inserts too.

    I ordered them and it came out to about $80 or so total I think.

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    my vision is getting worse too, I guess it's time to see the eye guy, Bear I would (and will ) ask the eye guy his recommendations. my distance vision isn't too bad yet it's the up close thats gettin me, I can't focus on my frontsight, I notice it the most when I'm shooting my bow. I can hardly even see that little a$$ pin! I think I'm gonna make the Appt today.:rolleyes:
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    I have been wearing glasses since first year of HS; the vision has gone through number of changes - near-sighted to far-sighted. I hate it when the doctor says "You are getting old" :eek:

    The only good thing emotionally is I still get carded for the favorite beverage (beer or hard booze) and they double take on the photo ID and age! :D
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    Measure the distance from your eye to the front sight of your handgun as you normally hold it. Tell your eye doc what that distance is and that you need to be able to focus on the front sight. There are several ways to go about setting up a pair of glasses for shooting, so it's not always an easy choice.

    The cheapest way to go about it, would be to take a tape measure to the drug store and try out several strengths (diopters) of reading glasses from the rack. Find something on the shelves with small print and try reading it from your measured distance. Of course on the range your target is going to be fuzzy but the front sight will be clear. You could remove the other lens since you still have good distance vision.

    I use an Olympic style eyeglass frame with interchangeable prescription lenses for both eyes. Left lens for distance, and right (my dominate) lenses for focus on the front sights. Big bucks so I'm sure you don't want to go there. :(
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    Lucky lucky you, I've been told I don't look a day over 60! not good since I'm 47! It's only the last year or so that I've noticed I cant focus up close. Never wore glasses before. They say things get better with age, LIARS!
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    I've been wearing them since the 4th grade or so, and the prescription changes every 4 years or so. I ran into a friend of mine yesterday (He was across the street visiting his Mother) and he told me that he was getting ready to go back in for another laser eye treatment, because the one he spent several thousand dollars on 6 years ago needed "updating".
    I used to buy Bosch & Lomb shooting glasses and then have prescription lenses put into them, which worked out very nicely with a huge FOV. Now that my eyes have changed to the point where I don't need reading glasses, but can't see very well past the tip of my.......fingers, I wear a smaller frame so that I can just tip my head up a little to read beneath the lenses. Testing is standardized, and you can get a check at Sears, Wally World, etc.... The Ray Ban shades I want are at LensCrafters for just a little bit more than I paid for two pairs (One clear and the other, sunglasses) at BJ's.
    Get a test done and check out your options from there. :cool: