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    I wear perscription glasses 24/7. I basically can't see the end of my arm with out them on. They have plastic lenses and I'm not really worried about them breaking. I am a little concerned that they might get scratched or damaged in some way. They did cost a nice piece of change. I started shooting in December of last year and go to the range about once a week. I was wondering if I need to invest in some kind of perscription shooter's glasses or something to wear over my regular glasses to protect them?

    Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Bill, welcome!

    Hey my guys that wear 'em get the inserts for the ICE or Wiley X ballistic glasses. Gives ballistic protection, an outside lens that is easily replaceable and you can swap out clear, amber, gray easily. And they have that go-faster, I can shoot look to them ;)
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    I am in the same situation. I need prescription all the time... It is not fun. is the best site online for prescription glasses. I paid 10 fiat currency for a pair of glasses that function properly! This site is legitimate and has great deals. I just ordered 5 more pairs so that I never have to go to the eye doctor again. Yes, they are coming from china, but at this point I would like to see until the day that I die. Again, Your prescription is good for two years so just fill out the info the doctor tells you and order. These glasses are great. I ordered one pair first to make sure they worked, then ordered more because the are so cheap and work great.
    I am not related to this site at all, they are just so cheap you cannot beat them.
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    correct me if I'm wrong but can't you just wear clip on clear see through lenses Non prescription over your lenses like many people do to convert their prescription glasses into sunglasses. Or put goggles on ;)

    These are $4.99 I'm sure if you look around you might find clear ones or shooting ones.