Glaser Safety Slug

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  1. K9243

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    Has anyone had any experience with the Glaser Safety Slug and/or what is yer opinion of it. It will be used in 357 mag fore home defense. My concern is over penetration ,my sister is having a baby in September it will be staying with us until my sister is done with her navy service.
  2. JonM

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    Not enough mass to reliably penetrate a given goblin. Indoors shotgun with bb or smaller is enough at the ranges you face inside a dwelling. Especially in a cylinder bore shorter barrel like a mossberg 590a1.

    Nothing short of a nerfgun is 100% not gonna go through walls. Your better prepaired by knowing your safe fields of fire and having a plan you practice to secure your loved ones. A plan like, intruder breaks in everyone to x location and get on the floor, call 911, defend the entry. Its a good idea to give the police info about where you are in the house where the intruder is what your descriptions are what the intruder description is and not to hang up on the dispatcher.
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  3. Chandler51

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    I've never had to shoot anybody with them, but when I was living in an apartment, my thinking was that I would rather take the chance of having the bad guy get to me, rather than in the heat of the moment have a round go through the wall and kill the neighbors kid.

    I would imagine they would do the job of stopping the threat, especially with multiple hits.

    But, it comes down to whatever you are comfortable with.


    JonM's suggestion of a shotgun w/birdshot would be a better course of action, for sure.
  4. c3shooter

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    Glasers may penetrate more than you think.

    In my humble opinion, if you are using an autoloader, the FIRST (and maybe second, third and fourth) criteria- it must function in YOUR gun 100.000000% of the time. I understand concerns about excessive penetration, but reliability is the driving force.

    A handgun that does not shoot is a rather poorly designed club.

    There has also been a LOT of discussion that the STOPPING power of a Glaser may not be as good as they are claimed to be. Have not shot anyone with one, so I cannot say.
  5. locutus

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    In my opinion, a waste of money. My department would not allow them for either on or off duty carry.
  6. robocop10mm

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    The Glasers came along before the recent improved hollow point designs. A good light weight (for caliber) HP from Speer, Federal, or Winchester is a far better choice.
  7. naf84

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    I'm def curious to how effective/safe they are. I bought the 6 round 9mm package just out of curiosity for my P95. I haven't been able to find any detailed research or reviews on it in 9mm though. I'm curious to maybe just carry my first 2 rounds being those, and the following 13 some quality hollow points just in cause the first 2 aren't enough.
  8. jismail

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    I keep them in my my 2 HD weapons, my .380 auto has glazers and a similar saftey slug is in my .357 revolver.

    I have neighbours on all sides of me and given the probaility that the bad guy in my hall way wont be wearing body armor, it seems like a reasonable balance between protective firepower and good neighbour responcibility.