Giuliani declares fealty to gun ownership

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    Second Amendment's comment:

    Ok here is a prime example of media mind control. Not to insult anyone but who the hell even knows what "fealty" is? I had to look it up. Pardon me if I'm stupid. Once I realized the websters definition, I then laughed outloud when I read the article. Since fealty is representative of intense devotion, how can the article contain this?

    QUOTE: "You should know I understand that the right to bear arms is just as important a right in that Constitution as the right of free speech and the other rights ... It's not going to change, unless something dramatic has happened to make it change, and then I'll explain to you why," he said. UNQUOTE

    What an absolute joke. This is the kind of double talk, double think that is a cancer in our major media. It has now infected our country and its unaware citizens. This is also the kind of mindset taught to unsuspecting individuals that watch shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother". Lets have an alliance, lets be friends until it no longer serves me to be your friend or have an alliance. Then your my enemy. Devotion to friends and others should be permanent! Devotion to the Constitution and its ideals should also be as concrete.

    Giuliani has no devotion to the Constitution, its ideals or its mission.


    Anyone who buys this crap needs to have their head checked. If you don't like living in a country with citizens that have the right to bear arms, then GET OUT!

    One entry found for fealty.

    Main Entry: fe·al·ty
    Pronunciation: 'fE(-&)l-tE
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
    Etymology: Middle English feute, fealtye, from Anglo-French feelté, fealté, from Latin fidelitat-, fidelitas -- more at FIDELITY
    1 a : the fidelity of a vassal or feudal tenant to his lord b : the obligation of such fidelity
    2 : intense fidelity

    Giuliani declares fealty to gun ownership

    Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:36pm EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Friday said Americans' right to own guns is as important as free speech in remarks to a powerful gun advocacy group that has long viewed him with suspicion.

    Giuliani acknowledged his differences with the National Rifle Association, a group he once referred to as "extremists." As New York mayor, Giuliani initiated a lawsuit against U.S. firearms manufacturers.

    "You never get a candidate you agree with 100 percent," Giuliani told an NRA convention in Washington, then chuckling, "I'm not even sure I agree with myself 100 percent."

    Giuliani brought some comic relief to the session when his cell phone rang in mid-speech and he pulled it out of his pocket and said hello to his wife, Judith.

    "Hello, dear. I'm talking to the members of the NRA right now. Would you like to say hello?" he said.

    Giuliani touted himself as a law-and-order candidate and defended himself from NRA criticism over the 2000 lawsuit, saying it was necessary to reduce crime in New York.

    He said the September 11 attacks made him believe more strongly in the constitutional right for Americans to possess weapons to defend themselves -- but he pointedly left himself open to changing positions if elected.

    "You should know I understand that the right to bear arms is just as important a right in that Constitution as the right of free speech and the other rights ... It's not going to change, unless something dramatic has happened to make it change, and then I'll explain to you why," he said.


    Former NRA president Howard Pollock said he appreciated Giuliani's appearance but doubted he changed any minds.

    "I think if he were elected I would certainly support him. I don't think that he would be my first choice," Pollock said.

    Other Republican presidential candidates who appeared at the convention had less of a challenge reaching out to the NRA's rank and file, an important conservative constituency.

    The NRA views many Democrats as political foes. The only Democratic candidate invited to speak, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, planned to send a video message.

    Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona told the group, "My friends, gun owners are not extremists, you are the core of modern America."

    McCain managed another dig at Giuliani, saying "a number of big-city mayors decided it was more important to blame the manufacturers of a legal product than it was to control crime in their own cities."

    The NRA fears that gun-control measures enacted in the last decade, such as requiring background checks of gun purchasers, are chipping away at what the group considers the bedrock constitutional freedom to gun ownership.

    Former Republican Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson cited his own consistent support for gun possession. "I never subscribed to the notion that it made our country safer by infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens," he said, referring to the constitutional right to bear arms.

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney skipped the convention but sent a video message saying he supported U.S. gun rights.
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    I agree Chuck, BUT!!!! He sure looks perty with lipstick,long 'hair' bra, lovely dress, and some dude hangin off his arm. :eek: Fruity Giuliani just seems to fit with what 'some' see as the next prez. :( I have reservations on the most of rest also.

    RON PAUL 08'...It seems he kinda get's ignored my the 'media'??? Why???

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    They're afraid of him because he stirs the pot. He's against the globalist agenda and for the USA, its Constitution and liberty.

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    He must think us gun guys don't pay attention to past transgressions, and he must think we can't see right through him.
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    You have to admit that Americans have a very short memory.
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    Rudy Baby was the very first big town mayor to sue US gun makers for the actions of his violent NY criminals. Rudy Baby is a flaming liberal just like Obama and Hillary.
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    Yup. It's like somebody sueing GM for drunk drivers. If you want to find the truth about Guiliani and the 2nd Amendment, just Google his name along with Carolyn McCarthy.