Girlfriend's new gun has me thinking.

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  1. Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe

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    Girlfriend got an old winchester model 67 .22 single shot bolt gun 2 days ago. Yesterday we coated the bolt and all other metal parts with carburetor cleaner and then gave the whole thing a good once over with some otis CPL oil. Today we went and got 2 333 winchester .22 lr bulk packs and 2 boxes of remmy subsonic .22 shorts. Well, to make a long-ish story somewhat shorter I will now be adding this old rifle and several boxes of .22 subsonic short to my bug out supply list. I can consistently hit bulls eye at 50 yards with open sites on her winchester with .22 shorts without causing ANY ECHO! I have literally heard air rifles with more of a report than these gave off!

    Alot of you have probably had this revelation long ago, but .22 short is my new answer to quietly taking game when i dont want or need to reveal my position.
  2. spittinfire

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    Sounds like fun. I have a semi auto 22 but it only shoots LRs. I grew up shooting a Marlin model 80 which was my great grandfathers. I'm trying to find another one since my dad won't give it up.

  3. Mark F

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    For what it's worth, I've been taking down varmints in my yard for years with sub-sonic .22's, BECAUSE they make less noise than my Gamo .177 pellet rifle!
  4. c3shooter

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    CCI CB Longs are even quieter. If you run across one, Remington made some sweet little .22 Autos that will handle Short-Long-Long Rifle mixed togther. I have a few of the 550-1's, and a 552 Speedmaster that is an equal opportunity shooter.
  5. dave8

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    A friend of mine recently discovered the subsonic .22lr round. To make it even quiter, he built a pretty cool silencer that slips right over. It kills any of the leftover sound. You can litterally only hear the sound of the action and the impact of the bullet when it is shot. I warned him that it is a felony to get caught with one of those(he may have thrown it away), but I still think it is a cool contraption that may have some value in a SHTF situation.