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    In advance thanks to anyone who can help me. The question is fairly simple. I was gifted a Taurus Judge from the family of a friend who has passed on. What do I need to do as far as registering? What paper work do I need to acquire? I want to be legit!!!
    Thank you
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    Well, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself, you know who we are, we know nothing about you...intro thread...thanks

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    The laws for registering a handgun vary from state to state.
    Some places do not require registration. The best thing to do is get familiar with the laws of your state on firearm ownership. The state should have a website of state statutes.
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    First. welcome to the forum. As said, firearms law varies state to state, and YOU did not share that with us.

    With the exception of National Firearms Act weapons (machineguns, silencers, sawed offs, destructive devices) there IS no Federal registration of firearms. MOST states do not require it, SOME require handguns be registered, etc.

    There are special rules for transfer of an INHERITED firearm across a state line in the Federal law. Under 18 USC 922, the executor of an estate can ship a BEQUEATHED firearm across a state line directly to the person inheriting it, so long as the person recieving can possess that gun, and it is legal in their home state. In all other transfers, when crossing a state line, would have to go to a dealer in your home state to be transferred to you.

    Tell us the details, and we could direct you to a real answer.
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    Thank you all for your help! I have my answer now through a dealer in the state of Nebraska! Peace.