Gift Cards for Guns

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    I figure if we put a little cash together, we can outbid the cops and get some nice shootin' irons. ;)

    San Joaquin County: Give Up A Gun, Get A Gift Card

    December 3, 2010 6:26 PM

    STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) –San Joaquin County authorities are trying to combat gang violence and make the county a bit safer by offering gift cards to people who turn in their guns.

    During an event set for Saturday at Stockton’s Ag Center, employees with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department will be handing out Walmart or Target gift cards in exchange for a firearm.

    Deputy Les Garcia says the event is being held in conjunction with the Stockton Police Department, which he says collected 200 guns during a similar event last month.

    People turning in their guns will get $10 gift cards for any non-working firearm, $50 for working rifles or shotguns or $100 for working handguns. Assault weapons will fetch a $150 gift card.

    Officials say anybody who turns in a weapon will remain anonymous.

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    Sounds to me like i need to go and take out a loan for 1K and come home with a few ak's and AR's just pay them 200 instead of the 150 that there givin out lol

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    CA, set up next to them and offer $200 cash for good ARs. I'll take five, tell me where to send the $.
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    I was hoping that I'd open this and have a chance to win a gift card for a new gun...
    This sounds like a good idea in theory, but the thugs can probably get much better prices on the streets from other thugs.