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    all of these kits online to make one all of them say "Fire Retardant". What is the purpose of that? is that for safety reasons like if you're in the woods and a forest fire or something breaks out?

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    I'll be your Huckleberry!

    It's mainly because they are manufactured for military use and was adapted for safety reasons. The wearer may be exposed to ignition sources such as smoke grenades or white phosphorous, so they needed a material that would self-extinguish. Also, the material can be used on your rifle and sometimes the barrel flash can cause a fire when you fire the rifle, and it does not catch it, and you on fire OR mainly for everyday hunters, when you are smoking, you miss your mouth and drop your cigarette, the material will not catch fire.

    If the ghillie was not flame retardant, some people may panic, jump up, run all over the damn woods, setting everything you come in contact with on fire, in turn starting a massive forest fire that will take extensive and expensive manpower, hours and resources to fight and put out, kill and maim wildlife and destroy valuable forest resources or personal property all because someone forgot the basics of Fire Safety and did not stop, drop and roll in the first place, to put out the damn fire to your gillie, all this could possibly happen, was not flame retardant. :rolleyes:

    Not to mention, expose yourself to your target and enemy. :eek:

    Smokey Bear would also chase you down and kick your ass for setting his woods on fire. :(

    Does that answer your question?? :D


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    yea. i just never put the whole puzzle together i guess. I was just looking at one to make for something to do. and maybe use it for hunting.
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    Bushy ridge system

    Shane Check out the Mini body veil from Bushy Ridge for about $45.00, its quick to put on & one side is green & the other side is brown go to SERGEANTTS.COM & look up the Bushy Ridge Mini veil system, I bought one a few years ago & use it right over my clothes for coyote or Spring turkey hunting, its nice & light & rolls up to fit in a small bag or pouch ;)Its's a great cover that works, no need for other expensive camo like Mossy Oak or Realtree etc. :cool:
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    Ghillies will go up in a second. I saw a safety message last week that we had 2 casualties in Theatre due to this very thing.
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    Just remember- only Moses thought that the burning bush talking was not strange. If the burning bush suddenly jumps up, and starts yelling, screaming, running in circles, and tries to extinguish itself, bad guys, deer and turkeys are likely to notice that. :eek: