Gevarm .22

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    Does any one know any history on a Gevarm 22 ? And a cilp sourse?
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    Yes, it's a French built .22lr semi-automatic rifle no longer in production, 5 and 10 shot magazines, don't see a lot of them as in France they up rated the catagory system and they became less popular as you need some paperwork to own them, and bolt actions you did not. They are extremely reliable and accurate... Usually fitted with a sound moderator (nearly always), and there where stories about a French Legionaire (German nationality) who became well known sniper, during the war in Indo China as odd as it sounds. I seem to recollect hearing that he would wait for Viet Min patrols to pass and head shot the last man.

    If you want I will see my local gunshop if you have the model and see if he has a magazine in a dusty corner...... :)
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    clips for gevarm

    You can get 10 round clips from westerngunparts maybe in dec they will have them reproduction of them and they said the price would be around 40 bucks