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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by LandMonster, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. LandMonster

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    Now that golf season is winding down in the north east I am getting back into trap shooting. I went to the range to knock the rust off and I realize that I suck. Probably does not help that I shoot various rifles often and that each one has its own site picture. I found myself lolly popping the birds and missing often. The question is, what it the best sight picture for trap or is it diffrent for each gun? It appears that it's best to cover the bird with the barrel not the bead. If that's the case is the bead just a guide and not a proper sight?
  2. mountainman13

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    You should be leading the birds. If you can't see it you are shooting behind it. The bead is more of a reference than a sight.

  3. Old_Crow

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    When shooting trap I cover the skeet with the rib. Some people who do quite well use the barrel. Trap is my least favorite of shotgun sports, I prefer skeet. To be honest when I am on top of my game I am not aware of what the gun is doing, I am totally focused on the target. I have to shoot a lot to get on top of my game. When I was really into shooting skeet I would shoot around 800 rounds a week.
  4. Slugo

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    it depends on the gun. If you're shooting a dedicated trap gun, they usually shoot high, which means leaving a little daylight below the target. If it's a standard field grade shotgun, I suggest you pattern it at 30 yards to see where it's hitting...
  5. Blueguns

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    It's always been more instinctual for me. Whenever I shoot I see the clay slightly above and behind the bead.