Getting the wife comfortable with a 12g shotgun

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Scare_Rab, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Scare_Rab

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    I'm hoping to have my Mrs. view the Remington 870 as more than just an "expense", but rather as a useful tool that she'd be comfortable using *if needed*.

    My question is "how to introduce her to the experience"?

    I'm considering:

    • Safety
    • how it works (loading shells, racking shells, trigger , ejection/loading)
    • Noise
    • *recoil*
    • Aiming
    • knock-down / power / effect
    She's shot a .22 at cans before and enjoyed 'plunking 'em
    She's neither 'tiny nor weak.

    I'm thinking of taking her out :setting a few close-up targets ; have a little *talking / intstruction & then simply have_at_it.

    I've got a box of #4.

    Would a "less-loaded" shell be better?

    Suggestions? Comments & questions welcomed (as ever)
  2. robocop10mm

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    There are several ultra light 1 oz target loads available in the US that kick less than a 20 ga. Teach her to get a good cheek weld so the stock does not pop her in the cheek. Teach her to put about 80% of her weight on the front foot so she rocks with the recoil rather than loosing her balance.

    Many females are put off by the weight of the gun. Petite ladies have some difficulties holding up the gun. Teach her how to balance the weight with a proper stance and "Get on the gun" by putting the butt high in the shoulder and hunkering down into the stock.

  3. Musket

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    You might consider looking up your local gun club to see if they have a "ladies range day" or something of that nature.

    Our club has an annual event, and it brings a lot of female newbies into shooting. Its a great way for a woman to learn about different types of guns, without feeling intimidated.

    Lighter loads would most definitely be helpful. You want her to learn to be comfortable with the gun first, so having her shoot heavy duty loads the first time out will serve no purpose.

    By the way, I am a "shooting" wife. Husband and I do trap/skeet/sporting clays together...... :D

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  4. glockfire

    glockfire New Member

    Target loads my friend, and a good pad. Teach her proper stance and she will end up liking it.
  5. janikphoto

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    I would SURELY use a very light load to start. You don't want her to fear the kick. And be sure to tell her how great she's doing a BUNCH. Everyone likes praise, even wives...
  6. josephbw

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    Hi Scare Rab,

    I have a Remington 870 Express with the wood stock. I bought a Limbsaver recoil pad from Midway USA that works great. You can go to and look for the templates to match up with with the right dimensions. My 870 took pad # 10120 which is Midway's #219460 for $35. It's easy to change with only two screws and fits fine. It really takes a lot of the recoil out of even buckshot loads.

    I envy you having a wife that wants to shoot. My daughter is a great shot, but my wife won't have anything to do with guns.:(

    Good Luck,