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    Hello everyone, i am planning on doing rather basic things for people such as reloading ammo (shotgun and rifle), refinishing stocks, restoring older and beat up firearms, and everything in between. My question to you is what all do i need before i can "open my doors"? I am speaking toolwise and if there are any special liscenseds ? Thanks in advance
  2. JW357

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    At least a reloading press of some sort with all the components for whatever calibers you want to reload (brass, powder, primers, bullets). Powders come in many different types, and some are better for some calibers, including some specifically for black powder. Some burn cleaner or dirtier, faster or slower. Primers can come in pistol or rifle, small, large, magnum, shotshell, (did I forget any?). Bullets come in many different weights and styles (hollow point, FMJ, lead, etc etc etc etc). There is a lot of variety in bullets alone.

    You would probably want brass cleaning equipment, a scale which measures in grains, a bullet puller. Good lord the list goes on. Lets not forget some good reloading manuals.

    I would recommend being able to test all your loads so you know what to advertise while selling. So in this regard a chronograph is handy. Also you want to know your loads are safe. A lot of people are hesitant to buy reloads from less than reputable sources, especially someone just starting off.

    Reloading by itself can eat up a lot of money (especially starting off) and time. I'm not sure now is the best time ever to get started with reloading as a business. Expect to drop several thousand dollars on everything you need, with probably several month wait time while your components get in.

    I can't give advice on the other things you want to try, as I've never done them myself. Best of luck to you. I hope it works out for you.

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    Make sure you have the correct license from BATF for manufacturing ammo.

    And reloading is manufacturing.
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    First, the wok on guns requires you be licensed as an 01 FFL. The reloading of ammo requires a type 6 FFL. Or you can go for both at once as a type 7 FFL. Reloading of ammo also requires an ITAR license (about $2500 last time I looked).

    Now, where are you planning to do this? Yes, you CAN get a FFL for a home based business- HOWEVER- to get those licenses, you will have to show you are in compliance with LOCAL laws- on things like ZONING. And a business license.

    Before you talk about buying STUFF for a business, you need to see if you can met the legal requirements for the paper side of things. I would also STRONGLY urge you to either incorporate, or set up a LLC, and get your license under that. Limits your personal liability in the event of a lawsuit- unless you like living in a small apartment and eating Mac & cheese for the rest of your life.
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    This would depend on whether or not who's negligent. If he's a one man operation, which it sounds like he might be since he's just starting out, he could be sued as well as the company, ( which he is the company) ouch! It could protect him to a point if he had an employee who was negligent.
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    Add some liability insurance to the list.