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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by THT, Mar 18, 2009.

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    So I've decided that I'd like to start competitive shooting. I'm considering starting with IDPA as it focuses on developing the shooter rather than favoring who has the best gear. Anyone have any suggestions or tips for an IDPA newbie? Will probably go to my first match in a few weeks.
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    First go here.

    This will give you the clubs in your State.

    You will only be allowed to shoot a club level match, once, without being a member of IDPA.

    Use the equipment that you have. A holster needs to cover the trigger guard, a double mag pouch - assuming an auto - 3 mags minimum and a vest that will conceal the gun and holster when your arms are outstreached to the side.

    Also, consider your Power Floor, 125 for minor (9mm and 38Sp) and 165 for major.

    Download and read the rule book.

    Have fun.

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    doesnt have to be a vest, a cover garment, includes shirts.

    I shot 6 club level matches before joining.

    And for the OP, powerfloor is set out there for the handloaders, it is a sum of feet per second multiplied by bullet weight in grains. Most commercial loads will surpass the minimum.

    I was shooting Sinterfire frangible 90 gr +p 9mm for a while. Lots of the guys complained that it might not meet minimum. Factory loaded at 1440 fps.

    So, 1440 fps x 90 gr= 129600 129600/1000= 129.6

    Gives it a 129.6 power factor.
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