Getting ready to load up some 25-06 loads.

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    Hello everyone,
    I have a H&R handi rifle chambered in 25-06 and I was looking at components for reloading some brass when I came across the Barnes Tipped TSX Triple-Shock X-Bullets. Does anyone know if it is a ballistic tip? I never shot ballistic tips before and wondering if these bullets would expand if I shoot at a deer and the bullet hits a branch on the way to the target? I was looking into the 100 grains. Also if anyone has a good load data I can try I am more then willing to give it a go.

    Thanks, Remi
  2. robocop10mm

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    The "tipped" part of the name should be the give away. Yes the are ballistic tips.

    Personally I see no reason to spend that much on a bullet. $.70 each? That is just stupid expensive.

    Speer Hot Core, Hornady Interlock or SST, any of the offerings from Sierra work VERY well in the quarter bore. I shoot nothing but 117 or 120 gr bullets from my -06. I find it nearly impossible to load a bad round. This is one of the most forgiving calibers ever invented

  3. Axxe55

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    i have to agree with Robo. i use either the Sierra or Hornady bullets in my reloads. and the 25-06 works great with bullets from about 95-120 grs. lots of powder versatility with the cartridge as well. i have no less than four powders of the same brand that produce good results as far as accuracy. i have not found a really bad load for my 25-06 yet.
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    I shoot 120 grains out of my -06 and they shoot very well but I checked on cabala's.BPS. and Midway USA and cant seem to find 120 grains any where. Thought I would try some 100 grains Sierra them on their website.
  5. Rocky7

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    Personally, I'm a big fan of the 110 gr. Accubond. I've shot several mule and WT with that bullet and most of them went only 3 ft. - straight down. The others took a step or two and then went down. I load close to max. and get under MOA accuracy, too. Love it.

    I may take it elk hunting one of these years.
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  6. cottontop

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    Any bullet from any rifle could get deflected if it hits a branch on the way to the target.
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    If you see an object in your scope that is along your bullets path, don't shoot. Brush Busting bullets are only used by "Unicorn" hunters. :D
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    When I lived in Lancaster County, I would use 90-100 grainers in the summer on whistle pigs, and 115-120 gr.s on white tails in winter. A true beanfield rifle. That mauser-action rifle is now being used by another to keep deer off the Lancaster airport. I've since replaced it with a Savage 110. A true believer of the 25-06.
  9. Txhillbilly

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    I load the Nosler C/T Silvertip 115 gr bullets in my 25/06 for most deer sized game,as well as the Berger VLD Hunting 115 gr bullets. For smaller game,I use the 100 gr Sierra Gameking bullets.
    Reloader 19 and 22 are my go to powders on my 25/06 loads.