Getting new sites for a Rossi .44 mag lever action rifle

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    I recently purchased a new Rossi .44 mag lever action and Im having a little trouble getting used to these sights that are on it and trying to figure out the most effective range?

    Also I read that some people change to sights on these rifles and accuracy improved. If so where to I go to purchase them in South Florida.
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    The most effective range for what? Without knowing your intended use for the rifle it is very hard to make recommendations. or should have just about any type of sight available for that gun.

    Accuracy does not improve by changing sighting systems. The ability of the shooter to see the sights better can be improved which leads to better shooting.

    Those Rossis are nice rifles and a lot of fun to shoot.

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    Welcome to FTF!

    Join in, have fun, save money.

    Try what I did to my .44 Marlin.

    Get some "Glow-on" paint. Paint the back of the front sight.

    Take a hobby punch, and using a small piece of plastic, like an old

    credit card(junk mail is full of plastic like this) as backing

    {this is merely so you don't dull the punch on it's metal anvil},

    punch out

    a couple dots from any red or orange stickers you can find.

    Affix the dots to the back of your rear sights.

    Cost is minimal.(@ 7.00 for the Glow-on paint)

    It was a quantum jump in the quality of my standard iron sights,

    when you focus on the target, you can still see your front and rear

    sights, as your field of vision focuses on your target.

    If you opt for a better system, or it's not working for you,

    this mod is inexpensive and easily reversable.

    Since .44 Mag is essentially a pistol round, IMO, a scope is a waste of money.
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