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    Okay, I have tried searching this online an keep coming up with nothing but "kits" that offer the world and a BJ. Here"s what I would like to know if anyone would be so gracious.

    I know some local LE and am wanting to start selling firearms to them, so I'm going for my FFL.

    Is there a good online resource for the classes of the FFL's an what they allow you to do?

    Is there a good source for all the rules and regs? For that matter is there a kit that is worth the paper it is printed on? (I swear to god if one of you a**holes that sells these things contacts me I will drink your milkshake!!!)

    I am new to the forum and this might have been discussed already. Just hoping one of you guys would be nice enough to point me in the right direction....

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    Just get on line and type in "ATF Firearms License" You can print a copy of the application off right on line and it will also give you all the instructions you need.


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    Correct, go to the BATFE websiite, that's where the rules are.
    Do you have a storefront?
    Good Luck
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    You will need an 01 FFL (Dealer). Do not waste money on any kit. You WILL need a business license, and all of the other stuff to run a business (sales tax in your area? Place to do business that meets ZONING?) BEFORE the ATF will grant you a license. You do not have to have a storefront IF zoning will alllow a home based business. You WILL need to designate a business location, and hours of operation, and must intend to "engage in the business" of buying and selling guns- not just to get guns for self. If number of sales is too low, BATFE will not renew. DO search for past threads on this- has been discussed here several times.
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    FFL application

    You can't print the application from an online source. The FFl packet is a little more complex than that. But you can order the kit online, free of charge. It will have the form, instructions, fingerprint ID cards and other pertinant information. Best of luck. As indicated in earlier posts, go to the BATF website ATF Online - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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    I just put mine in the mail yesterday and after tracking down all the forms in PDF form on the ATF website and trying to figure out how to fill them out correctly. I say order the packet from the ATF distrubition center. look around on the ATF web site for a phone number for the FFL center they were a huge help very nice and more then happy to answer the few questions I had. the best advice I could give you is to go online and register a LLC in your state then get a Tax ID # from the IRS website then fill out your FFL app. then hurry up and wait.