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    Well guys, I was out shooting gophers the yesterday (May 26) and my girlfriend (Sam) had time to waste before work so she came with me out to the area I shoot. Aside from some different types of targets, she hasn't had the chance to come out and shoot at anything classed as game. With in about two hours or so she became an ace.....a few times over. Her count is up to 90 already, mine? Well I'm at 125 and I've been out a couple times before her. It's a little scary hearing your girlfriend fire and after almost every shot add a number to her total......but man did we have fun in that short amount of time.

    After dropping her off at work I decided that I would head on out to the range to check my scope since I felt like I had to adjust for the wind a little more then I should. Turns out my scope was hitting off to the right about two inches at 25 yards. Upon adjusting it, I was able to get some really sweet grouping with my rifles (Mossberg plinkster, 4x32 Center point). I shot some groups with Sam's rifle as well since we always keep both our rifles together and man, after putting a scope (4x32 Center Point) on the XT-22 and actually sitting down seeing how small of a group you can get with it, I can see why she was able to hit with every pull of the trigger.

    the first picture is with the plinkster at 25 yards adjusting the scope as i do each droup. they where shot from let to right, top to bottom. also my worse groups shot that day.

    second picture is the third set of six that i fired that day with the plinkster and they tightened up a good amount. bot sets where done with a 4x32 center point.

    the third picture even surprised me a little bit. their the 3rd set of six shot with the XT-22. some of the froups, minus flyers, are almost smaller then a penny.

    now the fourth and final is the worse set of groups that i got with the XT-22 at 25 yards wearing the same scope as the plinkster. i must say, even for the worse set of groupings, their not all to bad.

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    Sounds like fun. That's a heck of a lot of gophers. :eek:

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    Oh was it ever fun. But I agree, it is a lot of gophers. Between those of us who keep count where at 250 overall. The guy that owns the field or least his son that I got to school with, said that his cousin shot over 108 in one day with out moving from the top of a small hill in the. Idle of the field. The craziest part about that, there's still an insane amount of the little dudes running around out there.