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    I live in Louisiana and am looking to get an FFL & Class 3 License. I have noticed that there are a LOT of websites claiming to sell the best FFL Kits to aid in getting your license. Can anyone tell me if there is a legit website that sells a legit FFL Kit or is it better to just get the paperwork and do all of the leg work myself? If there is a reputable kit available where can I get it?

    I am wanting to start the process as soon as possible so if anyone can give me some good solid feedback on this that would be great. I would also appreciate any/all advice anyone can give on obtaining a FFL/Class 3 license.

  2. c3shooter

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    Forget the "kits", and just send me the money. Then go to the BATFE website. is the site.

    First, you must intend to "Engage in the business" of buying and selling guns in order to get an 01 Dealer's FFL.

    Second, you must be in compliance with all state and local laws- like zoning, business license, etc etc.

    Third- the class III thingy- you get an SOT- Special Occupational Tax, along with the 01 FFL. Think hard about that part. Expensive, limited customers, and the cost of a transferrable full auto firearm is enough to bankrupt a small business.

    And where ARE my manners? Welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, stop by the intro thread, and say howdy. You also want to search some of the earlier threads where this has been discussed.

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    Someone should put a STICKY in the formum titled FFL KITS, then explain the devalue of them!
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    These kits are nothing more than copies of the paperwork you need, some basic instructions and who and when to call folks to set up appointments, and the phone numbers for such.

    All this info is free on the site c3 mentioned. Well, it'll cost you printer paper and ink. A little time for the research...