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  1. Shihan

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    Serious question, I know hard to believe.
    What is the best way of going about getting a supressor?

    What is the quickest and least expensive?

    I hear about Trusts and Tax Stamps and such. What would you advise?
  2. brasskicker

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    Easiest way to get a supressor=buying one lol. Sorry I can't help you out but I hate when my posts get skunked so I'm just preventing that for you.

  3. willfully armed

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    Do the trust.

    I should've.
  4. c3shooter

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    You need to find a dealer that has the endorsement to his license to transfer suppressors, and be sure suppressors are legal in YOUR state. He can help select a suppressor that will match up to the weapon of your choice, and help guide you thru the paperwork. Paperwork includes application to BATFE, fingerprints, and approval of your local Chief LEO. Slightly more expensive, but allieviates the prints/ approval of LEO, is to form a qualified legal trust, and have the suppressor in the name of the trust. You DO want an attorney to set up that trust- the "lawyer on a CD" programs have sometimes not met the legal requirements- and you REALLY do not want that with the BATFE. You will pay the BATFE $200 for the stamp for the transfer (one time tax). You will pay the dealer for the suppressor, and his time doing the transfer (rates vary by dealer)
  5. Jpyle

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    Can the same trust be used for multiple NFA weapons, devices?
  6. JonM

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    depends on your location.

    i HIGHLY recomend consulting an nfa attourney in regards to trusts. its a little more expensive than using online law document makers but each state requires specific wording to make it legal in that state. nfa trusts make it easier to obtain an nfa item bypassing the permission portion of the local leos in most cases. trusts also make it easier to pass it to beneficiaries for inheretence.

    once you have a valid trust for your state then you go and pick whatever suppressor you want. you can buy them online same rules apply to suppressors and nfa items as buying a handgun except the transfer must be to a class3 dealer or special occupation tax holder. here is a good site for nfa dealers

    obtain valid nfa trust or secure permission from local leo chief.
    find dealer to buy from or transfer to.
    find suppressor or other nfa item.
    conduct sale.
    fill out nfa permission papers and submit with 200$ check or money order to federal govt i use money orders but not postal money orders.
    wait 6-9 months then fill out transfer form just as if buying a regular gun and take your new toy home.
  7. JonM

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    yes many as you care for.