Getting a New 10/22

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by FCross7, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. FCross7

    FCross7 New Member

    Looking to get a new 10/22 in the next week or so. Would like to get one with a bull barrel. This may be a pretty nooby question, but if I can't find one with a bull barrel or can't find one in my price range, how hard is it to put an after-market bull barrel on?

  2. Ram Rod

    Ram Rod New Member

    You'll be looking for the Target model 10/22. They come already with bull barrels, .920" in stainless or blued. If you buy a regular 10/22 and want to trun it into a target model with bull barrel, you'll be costing yourself more money as you'll need a new barrel and new stock. If you really go for one you find reasonable, I do have a factory target model stock I might part with. Green Mountain heavy barrels are good for the price IMO...around $100. Barrel replacement is relatively easy to do on the Ruger 10/22's as well as other DIY gunsmithing you might want to do or add ons/replacements.