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  1. 1911beast

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    What is the easiest to get a deer tag in Utah
  2. Buckethead47

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    In IL it's threw the dnr. I'm sure it's similar.

  3. Model70

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    That's a tough question. This is the first year of the new system. Utah used to be divided into 5 regions, now it's 30 or so (sorry, don't have my proclamation on hand :()

    To put in you go to
    But it closed march 1.

    In the old days (up to last year) all of the tags were drawn except in the northern region (because it sucks) and you could get a northern tag over the counter if you were there the minute they went on sale.

    This year they won't release how many tags per area they have, and supposedly they are cutting the numbers.

    So this year, probably not gonna happen for ya. I haven't looked but the next put in date is usually Feb 1- March 1, and the draw is usually in may.
  4. Buckethead47

    Buckethead47 New Member

    IL Is the same way. You put in for the region you want. Then they draw like a lottery.
  5. 303tom

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    In Missouri I just go to Wal-Mart & say give me a deer tag..............
  6. Marlinman

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    As many as you want on doe tags no less here in MO.

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  7. Win73

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    I grew up in SE Missouri and still own some land there (that I am trying to sell) but I do my hunting in Alabama now. Bow (including crossbow and spear) season opens in mid October and runs through January. Gun season opens in mid November and runs through January. The limit is two a day, one of which can be a buck. So I can legally kill about 210 deer if I limited out every day of the season. Of course 207 would have to be does to be legal. The last few years they have put in a three buck season limit. Obviously trying to get people to kill more does.

    We don't have to worry about tags or checking deer in. All we have to do is add big game to our license when we buy it which does kick the price up to $24. And since I am now 65, I don't even have to buy a license.
  8. Shoobee

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    If you go to their web page it will tell you, but I think you are pretty late in the game.

    A couple of my nephews from Vegas wanted to do this a few years back, and I think Feb 1 is the date you need to submit everything online.

    We even went up around St George just north of the state line to scout and hike it, but we did not see many bucks. Just a few grazing in some farmers' hay fields.

    Colorado and Arizona are your next best bets. Or even northern Nevada around Lake Tahoe.
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