Getting a bang out of shooting the Mark III

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    So, we're still trying to find a 9mm for SWMBO, and with the exception of the glock, I was pretty consistent with both the sub compact 9 and 4" 9mm. Wife is probably going to end up with the compact 9, 3" barrel was just too much for her to control.

    So, after we get done making a bunch of noise, I pull out the cap gun (wife has already named my 22) and we start playing around. She hits a decent grouping, as did I. Also had one mag loaded up with tactical rounds (on sale for a decent price), so I started shooting at the little corner target, and did very respectful at 25', all 10 in this 2" grouping. Her dad looked at the target and started to say "it looks like you missed, umm, you were probably aiming for that weren't you?" As soon as we get a little more comfortable, we're going to invite him out, I especially want to shoot his teeny weeny little gun. Already suggested it would be much safer in my safe :)

    I gotta try this at 50' with the tactical rounds. First shot I wasn't even sure I hit the target, so we brought it all the way back, it was just off center in the first black ring. Total, 8 were within 4", all 10 within 6". Not too shabby for 2nd time shooting any handgun.

    This is going to get expensive :)