gettin into plinking .22

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  1. jahpedro

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    Okay folks whats the top 5 things i outta know?
  2. DrumJunkie

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    About 22 shooting? It's a blast. Talk about bang for the buck! I have a Buckmark and a MKIII Ruger that will go as long as there's ammo and for what Federal bulk packs are going for you can shoot all weekend for under 200.00. Well..Used to anyway. I am not sure what it's selling for now. I bought a crapload before the prices got out of hand and still got a bunch of those 1500 round packs here at the house.

    Everyone should have a 22 pistol and rifle around. They are just too much fun to not have and the weapon can usually be had for a good bit less than some of the bigger boys. My Ruger is the most pricy pistol I have and that's because I took off the 22/45 bbl and put on a Tactical Solutions on it. And still I don't have 400.00 in it.You can get a Buckmark for around 250.00 I think the Browning's have a better trigger out of the box.

    Of course there's a bunch of 22 wheel guns that are great as well. Hell, you can go a few different ways and you will have a blast. I'm a big fan of those old High Standard revolvers.

    It seems all 22LR auto loaders like one brand of ammo better than others. And the ones they don't like will give you fits at times. But usually there's one bulk box that will give you a great day or two shooting. And there are all kinds of better ammo types out there if you really want to get down with it. But for the most part ifd your just wanting to plink it's hard to go wrong with a box of one of the bigger name bulk packs. I'm pretty partial to the Federal ones.

    I didn't count the things...hmm..Get a decent weapon - Look for the ammo it likes best - Buy a bunch of it - have a blast...That's only four but that about covers it for me..heh..

  3. cpttango30

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    They are so addicting it is not funny.

    I started with 1 rifle and that was it. In the last two years I have gained.
    1. 513T
    2. Mossberg M46
    3. Marlin M81d
    4. Berretta Neos
    5. Mossberg M44us.
    6. Had a Mossberg m144LSB but had to sent it on to its rightful owner.
    7. Ruger MkII govt Target Model.
    I want more too.

    I would love to have a Browning T-bolt, another 144lsb, more 44us's, and a weatherby XXII, A Cooper Model 57 Jackson Squirrel Rifle.
  4. DrumJunkie

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    Dang!...Just a couple more eh? Well, as addictions go 22 fever is a pretty good problem to have:D
  5. NGIB

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    Tango wants this one but it's to cool for him, S&W 617 10 shot:


    I don't have any .22 long guns but I'm thinking of getting a conversion kit for my AR...
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  6. NymphoGnome

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    Once I get on my own, I am definitely pick up one of those!

    But I have a Marlin 795 right now and I love it... even though I have only gotten to shoot once! It's too expensive to shoot around here, $20 each time, F that S.