Get your Colorado Conceal Carry permit NOW!

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    Colorado Conceal Carry Classes LLC

    Get your permit POST Election while you can!

    Train NOW in Colorado for as low as $75 per student!

    Classes include live instruction from an NRA Certified Instructor and hands on experience with firearms, including live firing at an outdoor range.
    (Other classes don't include shooting in their classes.. isn't that like taking your Drivers License exam WITHOUT a road test?)
    Our classes are sanctioned by the National Rifle Association (NRA) others make up their materials and think they've got you covered.
    This class EXCEEDS Colorado state standard for your Conceal Carry Permits

    -At Colorado Conceal Carry Classes LLC, we'll teach you basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely!
    -Class exceeds State requirements for your concealed carry permit.
    -Train with friends and family in comfortable, familiar surroundings.
    -Private, Mini Group and Small Group Instruction.
    -Flexible personalized scheduling.
    -Excellent for individuals, neighborhoods, churches and service clubs.
    -Individual and group rates are available. Ask for our group discount rate!

    Owning a handgun is not required. Various revolvers and semi-auto will be available for you to examine. You may bring a handgun and 50 rounds of brass cased, ammunition to the range, but live ammo will be allowed in the class. If you don't own a handgun, options are available. Students are required to bring their own eye and ear protection.


    For questions and more information please contact us at:
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