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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Justen.223, Nov 2, 2009.

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    I don't have to spend money at Home Depot .

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    My question is if Home Depot really had a problem with this in regards to their dress code, then why was nothing said for the first 19 months. Apperaently there is more to it than just a pin, and (we havent heard their side yet) but who cares...

    I say to those people who have a problem with God/Christianity, then so what, you don't have to believe it. I don't have to believe your budiahst, muslm, or hindo beliefs, and I'm not going to criticize you for it...that's your priogrative.
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    How is this about god, or Christianity, or patriotism for that matter. The guy refused to follow company policy and got fired. He should get fired. If you don't like the company policy, go somewhere else.

    I think Home Depot is right here. What if the next employee wanted to wear a pin saying death to Americans, or wear a swastika. The policy of no political or religious statements has to be applied to everyone.
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    I agree Jo.

    Look. When you take employment somewhere, you are given a booklet or a list or rules and regs. You can agree, or you can risk it.

    You can break them if you want. At my work ( power company ), we drug test randomly, guess why. We ALWAYS have guys piss hot. They know they COULD get in trouble, they choose to risk it.

    If, for 19 monhts, no one had a problem with your pin, or your political statement, well, you got lucky. You rolled and rolled and rolled and finally crapped out.

    Is it a ***** made way to get fired? Yes, I believe so. But that does not change the fact that it was against the policy of the company that you agreed to work for.

    You are not in a Union. You are in a Right to Work State. You gambled. You lost.

    Sorry, but that is the policy of the company...

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    There was no action because no one noticed. I worked for home depot and they are very strict about how you wear what you wear and what your apron looks like. They also don't allow you to take your apron off company property if you do it is cause for termination. This has nothing to do with Home Depot not liking christians or christianity. It has to do with the douche bag puting a unauthorized pin on his home depot apron. That is againest company policy, in the first day of training you learn that. If this guy was not out for a effing payday he would have done what he was told. Now the problem is no supervisor did anything or said anything about it. Me if I was the district manager who more than likely fired the guy I would have also fired his immediate supervisor and the next one up the chain as well. They didn't follow company policy and there for should be terminated.

    I seen it on Fox news and and was pissed at first till they started going into it. They did offer to give him a company authorized pin to replace the unauthorized pin.

    You as an employee do not own the apron it is home depot property so there for they can tell you what you can and can't put on it.
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    Accept the job then go by the employers conditions, just because you got away with not following the rules for a minute, day, week, month or a year doesn't add your defense. Stupid is fine until you get set straight, after that .... something you can't fix.
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    I am a devout Christian and I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but the guys are right. This is not about the like or dislike of christianity. Actually, it's unchristianlike.

    The Bible clearly states we are to obey our employers.

    Servants, respectfully obey your earthly masters but always with an eye to obeying the real master, Christ. Don’t just do what you have to do to get by, but work heartily, as Christ’s servants doing what God wants you to do. And work with a smile on your face, always keeping in mind that no matter who happens to be giving the orders, you’re really serving God. Good work will get you good pay from the Master, regardless of whether you are slave or free.

    Ephesians 6:5-8

    God Bless :)
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    I agree that a dress code is a dress code. Break the rules, pay the price.

    That said, Home Depot can **** my **** while I take a **** all day long. After that, they can feel free to **** my *****.

    **** you, Home Depot. And maybe you could spend some time policing the front of the store, where labor of questionable immigrant status seems to congregate.

    I am Tango Prime!!!!
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    "Fishel said The Home Depot has its own sanctioned patriotic pins that employees have the option to wear." from the article.

    I wish he had just worn their store-approved pin. I hate to see freedom of expression quashed, but i'm not sitting here with my MJ Growers Assoc. hat on; if i was, that might impact how my employer's clients view their payroll tax returns and such. Home Depot chose to sell products to lots of different kinds of people; perhaps, this young man can find a store catering to Christians that will hire him.

    I wouldn't particularly want to work with a Naziesque person wearing Nazi slogans on their work uniform; call me predjudiced i guess.
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    I'm an atheist/agnostic/non-believer. The guy violated company policy. Shop at Lowes. If your town is anything like every other town in America, Lowes can be found kitty-corner from Home Depot.
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    Here is the corrispondance that I recieved from the person I heard this from and from Home Depot.

    To: Home Depot.

    Ok, so correct me if I am wrong but you sell Christmas items in your store (which I don’t have to give a bible lesson on what Christmas stands for), but it is ok for you as long as you make a profit,
    But this employee is not allowed to express Christ in a small form.
    How much of a Hypocrite is that.
    If I chose not to smoke does that mean that anyone carrying a pack of cigarettes should not even have them in their hand because it is offensive to me?
    Yes same situation if you are claiming that it is because it offends someone.
    Same with Cattle panels, and lumber for stock farms.
    I guess I can say don’t sell that because it is used to raise animals to send to slaughter.
    We can go on and on about offensiveness.
    Truth is if someone finds something offensive, don’t look at it.
    Same as I am offended by the thought that your store is telling people they cannot be religious and show it unless it is a profit to you.

    From: Information []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2009 7:41 AM
    Cc: Information
    Subject: FW: Your Note to The Home Depot

    Thank you for your email regarding the associate we terminated for wearing an unapproved button. We want to clarify a few things. His lawyer has alleged, and some parts of the media have reported, that we fired this associate for being patriotic and religious.

    So to set the record straight: We don’t fire people for being religious or patriotic.

    This particular associate was given multiple opportunities to find an alternate way of expressing his religious and patriotic beliefs consistent with our company policy. He chose not to. And it is not true that he wore his button for over a year and only encountered an issue when he brought his Bible to work.

    We have a long-standing policy that only company-provided pins and badges can be worn on our aprons. With 300,000 associates, we have to have consistent rules rather than getting into store-by-store debates about what is appropriate.

    Again, we appreciate your input. We take comments like yours seriously and we thank you for taking the time to read our note back to you.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Most of you guys may be right (not going to argue that) but like I said, I hadn't (at time of original post) heard both sides of the story... but my question (and honestly think about it due to our sue happy society [not trying to defend the former employee or home depot]) but if this had been a employee that was a devout muslim with a t-shirt that said "Allah is the only way" on the back (because contrary to what is said and in my opinion it's not about the pins but the message it portrayed
    and in after only 5 minutes of research have found a loophole(attorneys love these)...see footnote #1), and had he been fired, then he/she, and attorney would have filed a lawsuit against home depot for breach of contract ( the job application... because it says "Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer" which states that they do not discrimanate against race, religion, etc..

    I appreciate your constructive criticism and by no means am I here to pick a fight...just mearly trying to understand the mentality of people and to gain a better understanding

    The badges, buttons and pins on our aprons are awarded to our associates for customer service achievements, store accomplishments, years of service and company efforts or milestones. Our dress code policy states that we do not allow non-company buttons, regardless of their message or content, to be worn on aprons or other clothing to ensure a consistent policy for all associates. While we respect the beliefs of all of our associates, they are expected to abide by the company dress code during work hours.

    The message is limited to badges, buttons,and pins
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  13. Bigcountry02

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    I had a Home Depot credit card, in the shredder and account will be cancelled!
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    A couple days ago I went to Home Depot. The Christmas items I saw were, fake trees, lights and Giant inflatable lawn ornaments using Disney characters and Santa clause and a really cool helicopter that had a spinning rotor. Christmas started as a religious holiday and many still celebrate it for religious reasons but many also do not.

    I think you are being to hard on them. We live in a free society with no mandatory religion. Home Depot is trying to avoid saying anything about religion in any manner at all. Yet you seem to want to force them to take a stance. An Employee broke the rules which are not unreasonable or illegal, employee was terminated. What's the problem here?
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    I'm sure that Lowe's or Ace or whatever hardware store you choose has the same kind of policy. They're called UNIFORMS because all staff members need to represent the business and be recognizable to customers. Standards HAVE to be in place and supported by an employee handbook that includes all of the business' rules, regulations, and policies. I'm sure this was the case with Home Depot.

    It was dumb for management to go so long without addressing the issue. That will be the only sticking point in their defense. They should be subject to discipline as well.

  16. 1861

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    It would be interesting to see how different it would be handled if an Arab worked there and wore an Allah Akbar button .
  17. lonyaeger

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    I'm sure that would have gotten their attention much more quickly!
  18. orangello

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    I am glad to know they didn't waffle for a year before dealing with this uniform issue. I am also glad the problem didn't involve his Bible; that would've been silly IMO, unless he had that pinned to his shirt or something.

    I don't think the Muslim with the Tshirt would've been quite the same; if i remember correctly, HD employees wear HD shirts with HD logos & such at work, not personal shirts. I could be wrong about that; there is only Lowe's in my town; the HD is in the next town over. Hopefully, if a Muslim or Buddhist or other non-Christian employee wore an unapproved pin or badge, the situation would be handled in the same way.

    I really don't think HD would intentionally try to alienate Christians; Christians shop for home improvement stuff too. I doubt you will be able to change HD's policy, but you could look for a more Mom-n-Pop type hardware store that is more supportive of the expression of Christian beliefs at work. I'm being serious about looking for a store more in-line with your beliefs; i buy a lot of incense and generally drive thirty minutes to a "head shop" to get it, rather than buying at a more local store less supportive of my kind of people.

    Not to be antagonistic, but i notice many store employees wishing me a "blessed day". I don't remember ever hearing any Muslim phrases at checkout. At least, you can be happy that this medium of expression hasn't been denied to Christian cashiers.
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    Home Depot can and will fire people for not wearing collard shirts to work. You have to be in at least a polo shirt. Shorts have to extend to within 1" of the knee either above or below. It is called a dress code we all have them at work I would think. I know I would if I owned a business polo shirts or button down.

    How hard is it to understand that the DOUCHE BAG broke company policy and got fired for it. They did not fire him because he was a christian or a muslim or hindu or any other religon. STOP BEING EFFING STUPID.

    COMPANY POLICY IS NO unauthorized buttons or patches. Home Depot OWNS the smock so there for as company property they get to tell you how to wear it and how it needs to look.

    How would you feel if a solider got in trouble for wearing an unauthorized button on his uniform? Not the same way the solider would be at fault because it is a uniform. Same goes for the Home Depot smock it is a Uniform and there are things you can and can not do.

    FOX News and the douche bags lawyers made this about Christianity. The douche bag is the one hating on Christians not home depot. IIRC the owners of Home Depot are Christians.

    Just because you guys are so against Home Depot I will do all my home improvement shopping there from now on. In my eyes they did the right thing.
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    You go to work for a company; company has rules you are required to follow; you break the rules; you get fired.

    Where's the big deal in all of this?

    No need to look for a grand conspiracy in everything folks...