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Begin disassembly by cocking the rifle and making sure that it is unloaded. Set the safety to the safe position. Push the locking stud in and lift the receiver cover up. Remove the receiver cover by pulling it backwards. Remove the recoil spring. Pull the bot carrier and bolt back. Lift the bolt carrier up, it hooks into the bolt at the front. Front view of bolt and carrier. Remove the bolt. Remove the firing pin out of the back of the bolt. Take out the bolt locking lugs. Press down hard on the retaining spring and slide the barrel band forward. Remove the top cover/wood, Pull the main gas rod back and remove the connector bar. Let the main rod go forward and remove. Remove the gas piston. On this rifle the second part of the gas piston is screwed in too tight to remove, normally this would be re removed as well. Unscrew the screws holding the trigger guard in place. Remove the trigger guard, the magazine release presses against this so you'll need to hold it forward. This is Completely disassembled rifle.
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