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    If you download photos from your smartphone to the internet, the GPS device in your smartphone also downloads geographical location information along with photo information. This enables viewers accessing your photo data to pinpoint your exact location. This might not be something you want.

    Smartphones differ, but this GPS data can be disabled. This is an image heavy site because of the gunporn we want to share, but consider the above. I am told some digital cameras also record GPS data.

    I got this information from my former company XO. I don't know anything more about it, but if I find any related printed material I'll post it.

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    You are correct. Here is an example. I just took a picture of this demon dog(he will take control of your mind if you stare into his eyes to long). Here is the information available from that picture.

    I removed the information from the picture before posting it online and also changed the geo information that I posted, but I can verify it was accurate to about 10 feet. You may not want this information shared, and you can set the geotag setting on the camera so it won't include the info, but it can also be very cool when you can't remember where you took a picture, it remembers for you.
    Date Dec 22, 2010 9:20:10 AM
    Width 1840
    Height 3264
    File Size 1567183
    Camera Motorola
    Model DROIDX
    ISO 521
    Exposure 1/15 sec
    Aperture 2.8
    Focal Length 5mm
    Flash Used true
    Latitude 39.454° N
    Longitude 77.4256° W
    Orientation 6
    White Balance 0
    Metering Mode 2
    Exposure Program 2
    Exposure Bias 0.0
    Date and Time (Original) 2010:12:22 17:20:10
    Color Space 1
    X-Resolution 300.0
    Y-Resolution 300.0
    Resolution Unit 2
    Software 2.2.1
    Date and Time 2010:12:22 17:20:10
    YCbCr Positioning 1
    Date and Time (Digitized) 2010:12:22 17:20:10
    Compressed Bits Per Pixel 4.0
    Shutter Speed 3.90625
    Aperture 2.96875
    Brightness -1.5664062
    Max Aperture 2.96875
    Light Source 24
    Flash Energy 100.0
    Exposure Index 521.0
    Sensing Method 2
    Custom Rendered 1
    Exposure Mode 0
    Digital Zoom Ratio 0.0
    Focal Length (in 35mm film) 38
    Scene Capture Type 0
    Gain Control 2
    Contrast 0
    Saturation 0
    Sharpness 0
    Subject Distance Range 0
    GPS Timestamp 46.0
    GPS Map Datum Unknown
    GPS Date Stamp 2010:12:22
    Interoperability Index R98