Georgia or S Carolina ?(I'm moving)

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    I know this may not be easily answered, but I'm moving to either Ga or SC. I'm curious as to which state is more "gun owner friendly". Any advice?
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    I have lived in Georgia all my live up till now. (I hope I have some more left.) I don't know much about South Carolina gun laws but I do know a little about the ones in Georgia. Georgia is a shall issue state when it comes to Concealed Carry. The license is good for 5 years and cost either $30 or $40 (I can't remember which) for that period of time. When you get the first one it cost a little more because of the fees you pay the LEO's their time. After the first time you just go by the probate judges office and fill out the paperwork and write a check and go home and wait for it to come in the mail. I have included a map of what other states Georgia has a reciprocal agreement with for their CCW. As you can see South Carolina isn't one of them for some reason. Maybe a member from the Palmetto State can tell you more about their firearm laws. I have gone through the class III process here 3 times with no issues but thats a CLEO issue and could differ from county county.

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    Georgia. South Carolina is still largely self segregated.
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    Thanks for the responses so far, hoping to get more of them if possible. Again, I know the question is not easily answered. Right now, I live in the Northeast. I'm opening a can of worms, I know, but IN ADDITION to carry laws there are also other firearms laws and they are also important. For example, Ct is a "shall issue" state but has magazine capacity limits, ammo limits, new registration requirements, etc. But even in the bordering nanny state of Mass, you allowed some freedoms that Ct does not have. (Unbelievable, isn't it?). In one state you can't have a LTC, but you can't own a "black rifle". In Mass you have gun registration, but you CAN get a permit to own a Class III. In neighboring RI, you CANNOT own a Class III but you DON'T have gun registration. In New York you can have hollow points but not large capacity magazines. In New Jersey it is exactly the opposite. Vermont is very "liberal" (meanings lots of laws in general) but on the other hand you do NOT need any permit to carry concealed. Go figure!
    I try to judge a state by it's general "attitude" as well. I look at things like taxes, speed limits, etc to get a feel on how much freedom the people have. As a motorcyclist, I look to see the laws on helmets. Even if I was not a motorcyclist, I think it would be a good indicator. New York, Mass, New Jersey, Calif etc all require helmets. Texas, Montana, New Hampshire, Ariz etc do not. Of course, there are other factors. I do know the Southeast in general leans more toward helmet laws.... That's why I also look at taxes, speed limits, etc No matter where we go, there is no perfect place and there will be some trade offs.
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    I don't believe either state has any of those ridiculous laws. When I was looking into living near the border of the two states, just a couple months ago, I believe my research showed Georgia being a little better for gun owners. But considering I lived in Kaliornia at the time, South Carolina wasn't bad at all.

    I'll get you specifics in a few hours when I'm not on the road anymore.

    Just curious, is North Carolina an option?
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    SC gun laws are pretty lenient. We are an "shall issue" state and we can have large capacity mags.
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    Shall issue state.
    NFA ok
    No mag restriction
    No permits needed for purchase of firearms or ammo
    No hollow point restriction
    Carry open or concealed with weapons carry license
    Has state income tax and sales tax.
    Some local juridictions don't sell alcohol on Sunday in stores, still available in bars.

    Don't know much about S. Carolina
    Florida is gun friendly,
    No income tax, but property tax can be steep.
    Permits require a class unless you were military or LE.
    No helmet laws when I was over the border in GA.
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    Thanks to all for the responses. Regarding N Carolina, I was stationed there while serving in the Marine Corps. I LOVED the area and especially the people, but I also felt that NC was the "massachusetts of the South East". This is in NO WAY to say that NC was like Mass, but it felt that there were more rules and regs than in SC and Ga.....and when I crossed the border from NC I felt the same way as when I left Mass and entered NH. Especially entering SC (this was 35 or 40 years ago), I recall seeing huge billboards exclaiming "Fireworks.... Guns... Next Exit!" and I noticed that often speed limits were higher, etc. And I have just learned that SC has no helmet law while GA and NC do, and I do think that GA is more likely to repeal the helmet law someday compared to NC.
    Aditionally, I DO feel that ANYWHERE in the Southeast is better than ANYWHERE in the Northeast and that for the most part I can't go wrong moving South. I do have to look at additional factors such as taxes, respect for freedom, government spending and debt, property values, etc. More input is most welcome.
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    Lots of folks from the northeast have moved to NC, especially the Raleigh/Durham area and in typical transplant fashion brought some progressive baggage with them. I vote GA, I just moved from WI to GA. But I did it to move back to the south, not to change the south.
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    This is quite true, being one of them (the Nor'easter to move to NC, not the progressive baggage type...;) ), I can tell you first hand that NC gets in the neighborhood of 50-75k new residents every year (IIRC...could be more). This has gone on for as long as I've been here (20 years) and shows no signs of slowing up...

    The progressive fools seem to self segregate themselves as well, sticking to counties such as Wake (Raleigh/Durham/CH) and Mecklenburg (Charlotte) but there are plenty of folks, like me, who came here to get away from the nanny statism that is the Northeast...along with a myriad of other reasons.

    For the first time in over 80 years, we have a Republican majority in the House, Senate and a Republican Governor so even though some progressivism seeps in, things are very much heading in the right direction...(Not to say that the Republican party is all that and a bag of chips but it's better than it was just a short time ago...:cool:)...cough cough...Bev Perdue can die of gonnorhea and rot in Hell...cough cough... :p

    A lot has changed in the 40 years since you were last here, I think if you gave it a hard look, you'd be pleasantly surprised...

    Taxes? Yes, some states have it better, but it could be worse. There are proposed incentives on the table right now set to benefit small business owners (as well as the big guys...Hello Ruger!!) but AFIK nothing is set into motion...

    Property values? I think there is a lot to be desired, but there are many, many places that are in worse shape...Hint hint...great time to buy...;)

    The school system is a clusterf*ck, re-districting, population explosion and politics make it a big fat headache, do you have kids?

    People here for the most part are still friendly and will give you the shirt off their back to help...except for them damn Yanks!! :p

    Google NC HB 937 for the latest (and good) gun law changes. Along with recent revisions of our Castle Laws, things are looking up for those of us who love liberty...

    Our two biggest industries, IT and Construction, got hit hard with the "recession"...Outsourcing of the tech jobs and the mortgage crisis really took it's toll but while the recovery is slow, it's steady...

    .02 given...sales pitch complete...:D
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    Georgia, of course! Check out at the link below.

    I think you'll like the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Current
    News" sections. You can also learn all you want to know about
    about our "Georgia Weapons Carry License" (GWCL) and Georgia
    weapons statutes. With the GWCL, you may carry weapons (guns
    and/or knives with blade over 5") concealed or openly.

    If you haven't moved yet, you'll be welcome in Georgia and I
    think you would be happy here.
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    I was there in late December (Toccoa area) and I was VERY happy there.
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    GA law are pretty good for gun owners.

    As for concealed carry in SC I have to own property to in SC to get a concealed carry permit. I don't believe SC reciprocates with very many states because of that. You don't have to live there just own property to protect. I'm not sure how this effects military living there though.
  15. etbob9

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    I'm not trying to talk you into moving to SC, but you can live in SC and obtain a SC permit and also obtain a Florida non resident permit. This will allow you to
    carry in most states where your SC permit is not honored. IIRC, that includes
    Georgia. That is not the case if you live in Georgia and have a non resident
    permit from any state whose permit is honored by SC.

    I personally think (hope) Ga. and SC will work things out in the near future.
    Georgia will honor any state's weapons permit that honors Georgia's permit.

    From your previous post, Toccoa is a beautiful place. The Toccoa Falls State
    Park is a favorite vacation spot for many folks!
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    How about Germany.....
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    Probably. You think Germany wants to be our 51st. state? :D
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    I'm from Georgia (family goes back at least to the 1850's there), so I'm biased. Move to SC, Georgia has enough former Yankees already! J/K...:D

    Anyplace in the South is better than anyplace up North, as someone has already pointed out.
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    We like Georgia, of course we are IN Georgia!