Georgia or S Carolina ?(I'm moving)

Discussion in 'South Carolina Gun Forum' started by Professor, Dec 31, 2013.

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    I know this may not be easily answered, but I'm moving to either Ga or SC. I'm curious as to which state is more "gun owner friendly". Any advice?
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    After monitoring your Thread for several days without seeing any response. I thought I would go ahead and respond from Tennessee. I do not think you can go wrong by selecting either state. There have been some weapon industries moving from Connecticut to South Carolina as of late. And great weapon builders like Daniel Defense base thier company out of Georgia. In fact they just purchased their second plant in Georgia. They would not have done that if they felt it was not a gun friendly state and will remain that way. Personaly I hope Connecticut, New York and similar anti gun states go under! And they will in time!
    Tennessee as well as Indiana and other midwestern and southern states are very gun friendly and support the Second Amendment.;)


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    I have posted this question on the GA forum as well. In addition, I'm "re-posting" something from the GA forum onto the SC forum. Again, I appreciate any input.

    The GA post:

    QUOTE=JW357;1471462]I don't believe either state has any of those ridiculous laws. When I was looking into living near the border of the two states, just a couple months ago, I believe my research showed Georgia being a little better for gun owners. But considering I lived in Kaliornia at the time, South Carolina wasn't bad at all.

    I'll get you specifics in a few hours when I'm not on the road anymore.

    Just curious, is North Carolina an option?[/QUOTE]

    Thanks to all for the responses. Regarding N Carolina, I was stationed there while serving in the Marine Corps. I LOVED the area and especially the people, but I also felt that NC was the "massachusetts of the South East". This is in NO WAY to say that NC was like Mass, but it felt that there were more rules and regs than in SC and Ga.....and when I crossed the border from NC I felt the same way as when I left Mass and entered NH. Especially entering SC (this was 35 or 40 years ago), I recall seeing huge billboards exclaiming "Fireworks.... Guns... Next Exit!" and I noticed that often speed limits were higher, etc. And I have just learned that SC has no helmet law while GA and NC do, and I do think that GA is more likely to repeal the helmet law someday compared to NC.
    Aditionally, I DO feel that ANYWHERE in the Southeast is better than ANYWHERE in the Northeast and that for the most part I can't go wrong moving South. I do have to look at additional factors such as taxes, respect for freedom, government spending and debt, property values, etc. More input is most welcome.