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HB89 - Allow people without a GFL to conceal a firearm anywhere in their car (currently limited to open manner and fully exposed to view, glove box, console, or similar conpartment)

SB 43 has been added to this bill, as well as State Park carry, anti-Bloomberg stings, repeal public gatherings and other places off limits and the deals with delays in issueing a GFL.

Conference Committee: Senate members are: Dis. 9 Don Balfour, Dis. 13 Joseph Carter, Dis. 16 Ronnie Chance (contact them, Governor Perdue and Lt. Governor Cagel to urge passage of public gathering repeal). Also send thanks and encouragement to Representative members: Dis. 69 Timothy Bearden, Dis. 22 Sean Jerguson, and Dis. 7 David Ralston.

The Conference Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 8am in Capitol Building room 132.

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