General Tightens Afghan Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by alsaqr, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. alsaqr

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    Yep, Gen. Petraeus has tightened the rules of engagement for all NATO troops operating in Afghanistan. By the time these rules perk through the chain of command to LTC level, US troops will not be able to shoot back until someone is shot. This is PC bullcrap at its worst.

    i wanna puke.

    Afghanistan War: Petraeus Tightens Rules of Engagement - Yahoo! News

  2. hunter Joe

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    We can't wait two more years for them to stop $uck'n around over there, this is bull$hit. We need to get the kids out of there and drop a nice French bomb on the entire Middle East. How do they expect to make any progress if they don't kill as many of those opium growing bastards as possible. I think some people in Washington need their a$$es kicked good and hopefully November won't be too late for it.

  3. orangello

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    I still think Afcrapistan would make a nice shiny spot to reflect some of that darned global-warming heat, if it was nuked properly, meaning very thoroughly. Not many places could be more peaceful than a glowing, radioactive cemetary.