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    Hi everyone - I know a lot of you have a lot of knowledge and I have next to nothing about rifles, so here goes.
    I bought a used remington 700 270 with nikon scope last year. It is a beauty but still sits in my closet unfired by me.

    I'm an older guy, late 50's, and always wanted to get in to shooting. I tried many other gun websites but I don't get many answers to my "dumb" questions.

    I live in upstate NY near Rochester. Does anyone know if there is public land where I can try my rifle? Like I said I'm a novice. I joined the NRA in January but don't see much on their website about upstate NY.

    As to gun clubs near Rochester they don't say much about rifle shooting.

    No one in my family is a hunter or rifle, shotgun owner. I don't know where to start, any suggestions or help would be appreciated! THANKS EVERYONE!
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    I don't know anything about how it works in New York but in S.C. the state DNR operates public rifle ranges so I would check NY DNR or whatever the wildlife department is called there to see if they operate any public ranges. I'm guessing though that you will have to find a private range. You can also check the CMP (just google CMP) and see if any affiliated clubs show up in your area. A club might be your best bet simply so you can meet people that could help you get started.

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  4. therewolf

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    That 270- sounds great.

    Do you know anybody with some land up there?

    Maybe you could shoot privately, if the property is

    large enough...
  5. c3shooter

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    Would also suggest you contact your STATE rifle association- they may have some info for you.

    Great rifle, great caliber- enjoy.
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    check in with your nearest gun store, might be that in your area there are only private ranges. NYS from top to bottom is real wacky when i comes to guns/shooting, what's goood in one county may land you in jail in the next :eek:
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    I second the idea of contacting a local gun store. They should know of any clubs, game lands, ranges that you can shoot at. Most are very friendly. They know the more you shoot the more you buy more guns. :)
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    Here are a few links I found on Google using Rochester NY shooting ranges. I lived up that way for a short while. I strongly suggest you get a good 22 bolt action scoped rifle to go along with the 270. They are good practice and much cheaper to shoot. You will become proficient at working the bolt and build your marksmanship. The link below is a great organization. Explore the site, especially the map.
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  9. horsefeathers

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    Thanks everyone for all the help. I will follow up on all the tips! I want to start enjoying my rifle instead of just looking at it!