General process for getting a Concealed Carry License?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by Crispy129, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Crispy129

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    I'm considering getting my concealed carry license for FL and maybe AL as well. What is the process for getting one? I heard it is different for people in the military. What are some of the general concealed carry rules for most states? I imagine you're not allowed to have it showing like with a side holster or anything, so how do you usually carry you handgun in warm weather when you don't have a coat to hide it?
  2. Northwoods

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    Hi Crispy!

    Generally the best place to get the info for this is the State website. You may have to look around a bit to find it, but sometimes the search function will pull it up for you.

    Good luck!

  3. hongsx

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    instead of getting the florida license, u might want to consider getting the utah non-resident one. i believe it covers more states than the florida one does, and i believe its cheaper too
  4. Cnynrat

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    Actually, the list of states with reciprocity agreements with UT and FL are very similar. There are some minor differences in which states have reciprocity for a non-resident permit though, and I believe the UT non-resident CCW is not accepted in FL. I think the OP is in FL, so he's probably better off with a FL CCW.
  5. HowardCohodas

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    A useful resource for answering these types of questions is Here you can get links to all the states laws, build a reciprocity map for the one or more concealed carry state licensees and much more.

    My reciprocity map represents a residents Ohio license and a non-residents New Hampshire license. It's easy to generate "what if" maps so you can compare license combinations and their costs.

  6. chasecraddock12

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    I am a chl holder in TX the process is simple here i took a 10 hr. class and recieved my chl in about 3 months the processing takes the longest here there being in hte military doesnt make any difference except instead of having to be 21 a person in the military only has to be 18 to get a chl if you want a good way to carry in the summer time get a inside the pants holster. i got one from the nra for about 20 bucks