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    I have a few general cleaning questions. I guess they would apply to all XD types, but just in case, I have an XD-9.
    1. What kind of brush should be used for the slide / outside of barrel / gun body / etc... I've seen brass brush mentioned. Wouldn't that scratch some of the parts? Should I just stick with a plastic bristle brush?
    2. What's the difference between a brass brush and a phosphor bronze brush?
    3. I've also read that oil should NOT be sprayed or put inside the barrel because that would just attract dust and dirt. Should anything go inside the barrel besides the solvent?
    4. Also read that once cleaning is done, apply juat a bit oil to the outside of the gun, to every part. What would this do? Is this necessary? Doesn't it make the gun slippery?

    Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks guys...
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    The finish on your XD is tougher than the brass, so you wear the brass brush down before you damage the gun finish. I have both plastic & brass brushes, along with some firm rated toothbrushes.

    I can speak with authority here, but from what I've read it seems like you get better performance out of phosphor-bronze. Someone else might be able to speak to that better.

    Clean patches :D If you shoot and clean your guns regularly and do not intend to store them in a moist/damp environment for years, then oil should be used mainly as a lubricant. There is no reason to put oil in your barrel. My technique is to run a patch with solvent down the fouled bore, then scrub with bore brush, and then allow to soak a couple minutes before running clean patches in until clean patches come out the other side.

    Some recommend a light oil coat for extended storage to prevent rust. I have never let anything sit so long that it rusted, so I'm not sure about this process. Again, others might be able to speak to this better. If someone has techniques for extended storage would be interested to read them.

    I think this again speaks to rust prevention and storage. On a modern finish like your XD I don't think you need to oil exterior. If you decide to, I would put one or two drops on the exterior of the slide and rub it in with patches until it feels dry to touch.


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    Kaia, as stated before, toothbrushes, old or new, come in real handy to clean the insides of all weapons. As I have stated in previous post, I use pipe cleaners to get into small places, to clean weapons. They can get into places that a brush (of any kind) can't. I swab the bore with wet solovent patch-run brass brush several passes, 2-3 dry patches, end with lightly soaked patch of Break-Free CLP. This is a light multi-purpose cleaner-lube. It does not seem to attract dust or dirt during short time storage.;)
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    10 years of experience

    I say use a good brass brush and solvent on the inside of the barrel for moderate fouling(plastic brushes are for the least bit of fouling). As far as oiling the bore, I usually leave a VERY light coat of oil inside the clean barrel by running an oil soaked patch through it followed by a dry patch, and a good firm toothbrush on all other parts, then wipe down the exterior. . personally i like rem oil for all purposes including light cleaning, I also agree with billybob about Break Free CLP it's great, plus the idea about pipe cleaners sounds excellent for cleaning the hard to reach places. Additionally a light coat of oil on any metal surface is a good idea, just make it very light if you are in a dry dusty environment
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    Thanks for the tips!
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    Never ever use WD-40. That crap works well as adhesive tape remover, so you know it's not for you firearm. I lightly oil the barrel, although, I try to store my firearms barrel down. This keeps the excess oil from running into the action.
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    I use a combination of products on my HK USP .40c.

    Mostly Break Free and Kleen Bore. A set of brushes is nice, but a bore snake works very well too. I use a bronze brush to remove all fowling that I can get too, under the slide and in the trigger mechanism. Have also been known to blow crevices out with an air compressor.

    Hope this helps.
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