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    Anybody watch this?

    My wife does but tonights episode was great. Sharron Tweed had a tazer party.

    Well she invited the mother to her daughters new boyfriend over. Within 5 minutes she got maced (Boyfriends mother). Then when the party was ending Sharron said "Let me buy you one of these" BANG Yes she tazed the gal that got maced about 30 minutes prior. How is that for a first impression.....

    If you see it record it. It is so dam funny......
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    My wife and I catch that show from time-to-time. Sometimes, they'll have a marathon and we'll catch three or four episodes in a row. That show is a riot. I like it because it's just a goofy, funny, show and there aren't enough of those around these days. I don't think I'd wanna go to a taser party at the Simmons house though... :eek:

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    HILARIOUS show. Tonights episodes are repeats here.

    Good to see that the "God Of Thunder" is actually a great family man..At least now that he's getting old like all of us.

    The episode where Nick lets his friends shoot a porno in the house and jacuzzi is too funny ! Shannon's sister had to come over and clean house before Shannon and Gene came home.

    And Gene loves his red "union suit".. Now THAT was funny !
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