Gen 4 Glock 17 Report and Pics

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    Picked up my new Glock last night. I went with the Gen 4 model 17. Main reason I chose the Gen 4 over the 3rd generation is that I like the grip texture a lot more and the larger magazine release is nice. I was also happy to see it came with 3 magazines instead of 2. I am not using an additional backstrap on the gun. I have pretty small hands so it fits me well like it is.

    I planned on taking it out to my Father in Law's place to shoot, but the rain we had Friday ( 5/20 ) seriously killed that. Still, I was determined to shoot it, so I went out to the indoor range. I took 300 rounds with me that consisted of Blazer Brass, Remington UMC, Winchester White Box, Speer Lawman, and American Eagle. I had a variety of weights which where 115, 124, and 147 grains.

    I was really happy with the way this gun shot. I used the first 3 magazines just trying to get a feel for the trigger and how the sights lined up for me. I did notice that I hit consistently to the left with this gun, at least compared to the way I shoot my other guns. Not much to the left, but enough to be an annoyance to me. I'll be buying night sights for it soon, so hopefully that will help out a little. As you can see in the one pic, a few of my shots wondered off to the left a little.

    I fired all 300 rounds and did not have a single malfunction of any kind. I even mixed and matched the rounds within the magazines just to see if maybe the sudden ammo change would have any effect, of course it did not.

    I am planning on buying the Ghost 3.5lb Trigger Kit and night sights for it soon.

    All in all this is a great shooting gun, and I did not experience any of the problems I've heard people saying the Gen 4 Glocks have. I am looking forward to a lot more shooting fun in the future with this one.

    The target pics were shot at 7-10 yards. I was doing one body shot with a fast follow up head shot. Body shot spread is 4.25 inches and spread on the head shots is 3.25 inches. Not too bad for the first day with the gun...not for me at least :D

    Update: Went out to my Father in Law's yesterday ( 5/21 ) and put 150 military issue balls rounds, 50 Remington Golden Sabers, and 50 Federal Hydrashock hollow points through the gun. Again, not a single malfunction of and kind.


    One magazine at 7 yards

    Two more magazines at 10 yards
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    I really enjoy my Gen4 G17. Thanks for the range report.

    I appreciate the shooting consistency between all the G17s that I own (4 currently). I can pick up any of them and they all shoot exactly the same. That's the main reason I keep them completely stock.

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    Glock 17

    USMC-03: Sir, good report with good pictures:)