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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Dwood85, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Dwood85

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    I'm very much diggin' what i've seen online abt this beauty (G22) what are the pros and cons? Is this a good daily carry for a 6'2 185lb guy??
  2. EiteCombat

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    For me, the main pro about a Glock is that it will go bang every single time you need it to. The con about something the size of a G22 would be its width. I currently carry a G21. The length and weight don't bother me but because it's so wide, if I wear the wrong shirt, the bottom of the mag will print a little bit, tho not enough to matter and I'm about 5'11, 275lbs.

    Also, I understand that a lot of people would say that a .40 is a good mid point between a .45 and a 9mm. But imo, if i'm gonna buy something that big, I'm just gonna grab a .45 as I'm not really a big fan of the muzzle flip on a .40.

  3. sweeper22

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    If you like the size and feel of a Glock frame and you like the 40sw round, then yes...a G22 will be a pretty great gun for you.

    Whether it fits for carry is entirely up to how far you're willing to go to conceal it. I'm a similar size and wouldn't consider anything bigger than a G19/23 for a carry if I wanted a Glock.
  4. Neophyte1

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    Glock 22

    Dwood85: Sir, I carry G-22; I'm not as tall; and a little heavier. It carries well.
    I too from time to time carry G-17; Same everything but calibre:)
  5. Dizzll

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    Well my friend I'm curious why the .40 cal. I carry a G27 (.40) and G30 (.45) during winter. IMO the 22 is cumbersome unless you are one for wearing vests and button ups all the time. (I am 6'2" 255 muscular) I'd highly recommend looking at the G23. You only give up 2 rounds but it conceals MUCH better. Also be sure you want the .40, I don't like it but in the size of the sub-compact I picked it over the 9mm.