Gelatin tests: 9mm Federal 124 gr +P HST, 10mm Double Tap 230 gr Equalizer

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    [ame=""]9mm Federal 124 gr +P HST video link[/ame]

    9mm Federal 124 gr +P HST fired from G22 with Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin. I had intended to also test this load from a carbine but I somehow managed to miss the block entirely with my uncle's Hi-Point 995 and I only had the two rounds. Next time I'll be sure to verify POI on paper before shooting the gelatin. More 9mm and .40 S&W carbine tests are on the way, though. The velocity from the carbine was 1,427 fps.

    BB: 580.2 fps, 3.7"

    Impact velocity: 1,257 fps
    Penetration: 14.8"
    Retained weight: 124.1 gr
    Max expansion: 0.643"
    Min expansion: 0.425"


    [ame=""]10mm Double Tap 230 gr Equalizer video link[/ame]

    10mm Double Tap 230 gr Equalizer fired from 4.5" barrel EAA Witness through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin.

    BB: 580.2 fps, 3.7"

    Impact velocity: 947.9 fps (approximate)
    Penetration of 95 gr ball: Greater than 30.0"
    Penetration of 135 gr JHP: 30.9"
    Retained weight of 135 gr JHP: 134.8 gr
    Expansion of 135 gr JHP: N/A

    Some explanation is warranted on this one. The bullet did not make two separate impacts as advertised. In fact, both projectiles remained together for roughly 18"-20" of travel through gelatin. The JHP did not expand but it did deform at the base where the ball pressed against it. The jacket appears to be copper plated steel. The 95 gr ball exited the block at about the 30" mark.

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    I wonder if the 10mm got that much penetration because it did not expand ? For personal defense ammo I would rather have the expansion of the 9mm

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    Thanks for the info, again!:D
    This is why I chose the 9 for my PPD.;)
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    That is exactly correct. These tests are not intended as any sort of direct comparison. 10mm performs very well when a proper load is chosen. It is capable of penetrating very deeply with heavy solids or very shallow penetration with high velocity JHP or anything in between. It is analogous to the .357 mag in terms of energy. According to Dr. Fackler and Dr. Roberts a projectile needs to impact at a minimum of 2,000 fps for temporary stretch cavity to become a substantial wounding factor. For that reason, 10mm doesn't theoretically have any greater ability to stop a person than .40 S&W. Nevertheless, it is hard to escape the feeling that something must be going on with all that extra energy. Look how hard that 10mm wallops the block in the test below. I mean, if there really were nothing to the idea that extra energy can contribute to stopping a person, then there should be no substantive difference in the ability of a 9mm 124 gr standard pressure and a .357 mag 125 gr to incapacitate.