Gelatin test: .40 S&W 180 gr Gold Dot fired from pistol and carbine

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    40 S&W 180 gr Speer Gold Dot loaded over 9.2 gr of AA#7 fired from a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 carbine and Glock model 22 pistol through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin.

    BB: 593.6 fps, 3.4"

    Pistol data:

    Impact velocity: 1,081 fps
    Penetration: 14.5"
    Retained weight: 179.7 gr
    Max expansion: 0.741"
    Min expansion: 0.492"

    Carbine data:

    Impact velocity: 1,320 fps (approx.)
    Penetration: 16.6"
    Retained weight: 178.9 gr
    Max expansion: 0.781"
    Min expansion: 0.538"

    A few notes: The chronograph did not catch the impact velocity from the carbine shot so I took a four shot average. Velocities were:

    1,312 fps
    1,317 fps
    1,327 fps
    1,324 fps

    I was surprised at how much velocity the bullet gained from the longer barrel and I was surprised to note that the faster bullet actually went deeper. I had to double check. The only explanation I can come up with is that the extra velocity pushed the petals back against the shank earlier.

    Speer lists the factory velocity as 1,025 from a pistol so I believe that I got fairly close to what they put out but I do not know what powder they use so the burn rate could be substantially different. I did not have any extra factory ammo available for testing.




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    Thank you again. I was a little surprised at the difference in the MZ's.:)