Gel test: .357 Underwood 158 gr XTP from revolver and carbine & 10mm 125 gr frangible

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    [ame=""].357 mag from revolver and carbine video link[/ame]

    357 mag Underwood 158 gr XTP fired first from 18.5" Marlin 1894C carbine and then from 4" Ruger GP-100 revolver through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin.

    BB: 579.4 fps, 3.2"

    Revolver data:

    Impact velocity: 1,490 fps
    Penetration: 14.1"
    Retained weight: 141.5 gr
    Max expansion: 0.704"
    Min Expansion: 0.579"

    Carbine data:

    Impact velocity: 1,984 fps
    Penetration: 10.3"
    Retained weight: 101.0 gr
    Max expansion: 0.828"
    Min expansion: 0.653"

    [ame=""]10mm 125 gr frangible video link[/ame]

    10mm Crossfire 125 gr Sinterfire Frangible fired from 4.5" EAA Wtiness through four layers of denim into calibrated gelatin.

    BB: 579.4 fps, 3.2"

    Impact velocity: 1,700 fps (approximate)
    Penetration: 9.5", 9.2"
    Retained weight: 19.0 gr, 16.9 gr
    Max expansion: N/A
    Min expansion: N/A

    As you can see in the photos, two pieces made it farther than the others and those are represented in the figures above. The piece found at 9.5" measured 0.397" x 0.201" and the piece found at 9.2" measured 0.395" x 0.222". The chronograph produced an erroneous reading of 651 fps, probably due to the denim landing over the sensors. YouTube poster Intercooler2 has verified that the advertised velocity is correct so the impact velocity should be about 1,700 fps.
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    Awesome to see a 10mm frangible test.

    better judged by twelve than carried by six.

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    The XTP bullets are a lot differnt now then when I did test when they first came out. They were to 'tough' for SD use, but were good hunting bullets.
    1490 fps with a 4 inch bbl in a 158 gr bullet is unbelievable.:eek:
    Even with a 6 inch bbl that would be high.
    times they are a changing.
    Keep up the good work.:cool:
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    Underwood definitely pushes those bullets hard.