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    I need a inexpensive ammo vest under 100$ and I can add on other holders such as double ammo clips etc... so any suggestions are accepted and links would help. Some people say that the condor cross draw vest is really good
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    I have been looking at vests lately and have decided that I want something that has molle attachments and not the sewn on pouches and holster. The cross draw would be a good vest if I could try it out to see if a .308 mag will fit the mag pouches. I have a few molle accessories and am going to go from that starting point. The next gun show I go to I'm going to spend some time checking out the features on what they have. I also want one with belt attachment straps for my pistol belt.

    What you are looking for is easy to find on Amazon, Sportsman's Guide, Cheaper than Dirt, etc. Lots of stuff on Ebay as well. I've read some bad reviews on the UTG stuff, but haven't even seen any of it in person.

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    5.11 VTAC LBE Tactical Vest - Vests - OUTWEAR - APPAREL


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