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  1. taco

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    What do you carry daily with you? I usually have a knife, flashlight, pepper spray, and some tacos
  2. gnoll

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    lol but ill bite
    magnesium bar
    crank radio
    several knifes
    can food one day supply
    tuna survival can
    4 gallons of water
    2 guns (40 and 45 two mags each)
    multi tool
    all of this is in the truck at all times is a back pack the water is just in the truck
    also in there is more ammo and other things that can be used in hard times



    Gear I carry?

    Hello all

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    On me, I carry, a Leatherman or Getber tool, with Mini-Mag lite (LED CONVERSION) in a Black Nylon carrier, a Wallet, Keys with Photon lite, Carry Pistol of 1911A1, or BHP Clone, 1 spare mag, Cell phone, coin purse, Benchmade clone in front right pocket - Hey, YOU ASKED?

    In the E. German Bag with me 24/7:

    1. Extra Pistol mags, P-38/P-51
    2. Spyderco Police Model,
    3 Button Compass,
    4. Button Thermometer
    5. Strike anywhere matches in GI waterproof case
    6. Zippo lighter
    7. Butane wiindproof lighter
    8. Scrap Silver coins, quarters, dimes and such
    9. Small deck Playing cards
    10. AM/FM/SW pocket Radio
    11. Pencil and pen Cross set
    12. magic marker in black
    13. Smaller set, Knife , fork, spoon on a key ring
    14, neck chain
    15 Bobby whistle brass
    16. Small magnify glass
    17. Extra Cell phone battery
    18. Extra aa batteries for radio and other items like Maglite
    19. Small pad paper
    20. Small Escape saw on neck chain
  4. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    2 benchmades clipped in right front pocket
    1 benchmade clipped in left hand pocket
    1 leatherman charge xti on belt
    1 victorinox swiss army tool on belt
    1 microtech knife carried on belt
    1 surefire g2z clipped on belt
    2 surefires in back left hand pocket 1 kroma, 1 g2 led
    and soon as ccw license comes in h&k usp .45acp variant1 along with spare magazine holder :cool: :cool: :D :D
  5. CARNUT1100

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    In my rucksack I take to work with me in the car on on the bike there are some tools and patches for bike tyres, a Pacific Emergency knife(seat belt cutter, glas breaker, serrated blade with rounded tip), and a pouch with a swiss army knife, a mini maglite, and a compass.
    If I were to carry the knives on my person instead of in a zipped up case in the bottom of my rucksack, I would be carrying an offensive weapon in a public place, and could do time for it.
  6. live2offroad

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    3 mags for the Ruger P90 .45
    2 mags for the AR
    15 rounds for the Mossberg
    Tac light, and a small (tiny) LED light in red
    Folding knife
    Multi tool
    Ham radio
    Camera (really)

    And thats the stuff on my vest in the B.O.B.

    The rest is various Oh Sh!t stuff for road and other use..