Gas Masks for Survival

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    In a survival situation, sometimes people may need gas masks. What is a good source of affordable gas masks, also which ones are the best? I have heard that they are hard to breathe out of, is a good gas mask hard to breathe with it on?
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    Only if you are claustrophobic.

    Certainly not fun, but you can adapt. When you search for a mask, look for one with replaceable filters. There are many types on the market now, and they aren't that expensive. I would stockpile water, food and ammunition first, then a good medical kit, medicines and lastly, gas masks.




    Gas masks for survival?

    Hello all


    Gas masks as a survival item? You bet, but you have to look at it as a evac item only! Your not gonna want to live in these masks and the pratical side is to use it to escape a accident involving a Nuc, Bio or chem item! Coupled with a white tyvex suit, your good to go to getr out of an area!

    I like the Israli M-10 as well as the M-15 mask! It's not really so cheap, but is available, but no matter who's mask you get, make sure you get the kind that will accept the 40MM US and Nato Filters, forget all the Face piece type of masks, they are a pain to change filters and not many filters available and realy old! The Russian fit over the head types are not as good as the Israli, but cheaper and easier to get and will use the 40MM filter! Tyvex suits are easily avail from a home Wardware store or paint store!

    Willing to discuss this with anyone off line or in PM and let me know If I can anwser any questions or turn ya on to sources? I have a few NBC CD's with great information and idea's for how to make the mask and suit a viable kit item!
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    Without the warning of gas,by the time you get the mask on it's to late,your ether dead or wish you were dead one.
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    Here's my Soviet PBF gas mask. I don't know how practical it is, but it looks cool!


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    It is more difficult to breathe when wearing ANY non-powered air-filtering respirator, some more than others. Simply put, you are pulling air thru a filter, using your lung power. Trying to SLEEP in one is just about impossible! The limiting factor is how long you can wear one (sounds simple, huh?) Think about wearing NBC gear in a HOT environment- how long before you are becoming dehydrated, and REALLY need a drink? And you are going to get that drink.......Um- just HOW are you gonna take a drink? The US M-17 series had a drinking tube built in- attached to a special canteen cap- don't remember any other that had that feature. Without it, you are looking at escape equipment- something that will allow you to get to a clean area, or area of shelter from the contaminant. Just remember that no air purifying respirator MAKES oxygen- wear one into an oxygen defficent atmosphere, and you will die in 4 minutes. You'll pass out in less than a minute. Do remember that once a filter is opened from storage, it has a finite life span. Once a filter has become wet, it makes a great paperweight- but is no longer a filter.
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    some non powered air filters are harder to breath with than others, but get used to it. they aren't very comfortable, and you'll only want to use it for a short time so you can evac.
    if you have kids, the first time they wear one it will probably make them feel like they're going to suffocate. I was probably about 10 the first time i put one on and it kinda scared me for a minute until i realized that i could still breath.
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    gas masks

    msa and defense technologies makes masks that many law enforcement agencies use. however to survive/escape a CBRN attack you have to get that mask on within 9 seconds if you're in the kill zone. that means you have to carry your mask on you at all times. needless to say most of our lifestyles aren't compatable with doing that. if you look at photos of cops in the city (NYC) many carry their masks on their leg while on duty. so, what's a gas mask good for? i'll tell you what it's good for. most chemical agents were designed by the soviet union and u.s during the cold war. they were designed to kill and then rapidly dissipate so follow on forces could pass through. terrorists have in the past used these "recipes" because no others exsist. exposure to residual agents carried down wind won't result in immediate affects but will cause long term health problems. the key is to minimize exposure. same goes with radiological contamination. so a mask should be worn when distancing yourself from the affected area. also gas masks need constant maintainance and fitting. consult a trained professional. oh yea, if you're getting a mask with replacable filters get one with NATO standard thread so it'll be easy to get replacement filters.
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