Gas masks and practicality

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    More specifically respirators with NBCR filters, are they practical in any way? I know a decent, military grade one costs $400-600 and a really good, full body kit can go into the thousands. My dad and I are just starting preppers and in no way am I considering getting one now, but I am keeping my options open in the future.
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    Stuff like that is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but I would put a gas mask and full body kit at the bottom of my list. Personally I focus on self reliance and sustainable living. For example I do a garden with heirloom veggies and I hunt to provide most of my own meet. I consider stuff like that an important part of prepping because that lets me develop the skills to provide my own food. It also makes me less dependent on our infrastructure and it has the added bonus of saving me a lot of money so I can spend it on other things. Rather than a gas mask I would advise you to look into honey bees. That might sound silly but a gas mask probably won't get used. Honey bees will allow you to produce honey which can be stored indefinitely and it can be sold for a profit. If something bad ever did happen that same honey could be used for trade, but more importantly it will benefit you right now even if nothing bad ever happens.

    If you are just getting into prepping then I would advise you not pay too much attention to what most peppers are doing, and come up with your own plan. I try to focus on the things that will benefit me now and that would also benefit me in the future if SHTF. For example instead of a bunker I would rather have work shop for wood working with some really good hand tools to go along with power tools. That allows me to produce things myself and makes me much less reliant on others. I'm also able to produce nicer things like furniture than I could ever buy. Instead of buying MRE's for food buy some mason jars and lids then learn to can the veggies from your garden.

    When buying things focus on the stuff that will allow you to produce things for yourself like tools and for that matter a hunting rifle which lets you put meat on the table. And buy books on subsistence living. There is nothing more valuable than knowledge! It's still a good idea to put back some can goods and have a reliable water supply for short term needs like a power outage or natural disaster, but I wouldn't worry too much about SHTF. Besides if you get to where you can produce most of what you need then you will be far more prepared for SHTF than most "preppers".

    Hope this helps!:)
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    Agree with what he just said up there ^^^.

    However, you are off quite a bit on the cost of an NBC capable respirator. You can get a good military grade mask for around $100 (see Ebay)

    I DO have NBC equipment- but I teach in that field, and live where a WHOOPS! at a nuke plant could make things.... uncomfortable. But absent a specific threat, would be WAY down on my list of priorities,

    Just for grins, go to, and find a paperback copy of Pulling Through by Dean Ing. Fairly readable sci-fi novel that incidentally includes making a radiation meter, air filter system and hand air pump from stuff around the house (and yes, they will work) Book will run you about $5.

    But water, food, warmth, defense and medical would be my priorities.
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    Put it on a shelf in your basement, you will be at work when the contamination occurs. Murphy's Law. :(
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    I pretty much agree with the guys above me but remember when you prep, prep for what you plan on doing like if your plan is to bug out, why stock hundreds of pounds of stuff your gonna end up leaving cause you can't carry it all. If your gonna stay in one place like a bunker behind your house then the best way to prep is to prep for your surroundings in the order of most needed items I'm not really close to a nuclear plant so has mask would be at the very bottom of the list but if your like c3shooter then a gas mask might end up on the higher end of your list under food and weapons. So your prepping should mainly be on what are you likely to encounter in your area not what the guy who lives next to Chernobyl
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    Great point there!!!! :)
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    If you're going to use, or be around anyone using the baked bean recipes, a good mask with chemical warfare filters makes sense!:p