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    well im just begining this journey and ive already ran into problems im currently deployed to afghanistan and want to pimp out my carbine when i get back heres what im thinking and asking: i wanna put a Daniels Defense RIS 2 Rifle Length on my rifle BUT i would also like to put a drop in Gas Piston kit into also. through my researching i have found that the recess in the DD RIS 2 is too tight for the drop in kit i originally wanted but even a low profile kit would be too large for the hand gaurd. so heres what im thinking if i can buy a barrel that has the gas block port at the right length so i can mount the gas piston block after the RIS 2 or mill out a recess in the RIS 2 to butt the rails flush with the rail on the RIS 2 and the gas piston block rails. Is there a barrel for sale out there that can do this? is there a gas piston kit that can fit in the recess of the RIS 2 or am i SOL on my dream i figured this would be the place to ask! any help would be greatly appreciated. semper fi:D
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    Only Advise!

    Stay away from the Gas Piston retro fit kits. There can be some major problems with the cam pin eating out the inside of the receiver. Carrier strike issues in the area of the extension tube and rear of the receiver and others. Only advise! it requires more work than you might imagine. Adams Arms is the only company that even comes close in my opinion

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    Good advise.
    It's going to take a while for the retro fit gas piston systems to get the bugs worked out.
    Until then, just keep your weapon clean.
    I'd stay 20 miles away from the Ruger SSR556 in my opinion also.

    John K
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    Lets put it this way. I have a Rock River Elite Car A-4 Rifle that I purchased in 2001. It is a Gas Impingement (Direct Gas) System. And I estimate I have around 25-30,000 rounds through it over the past 9 years. I use to use it a lot for demos and schools. She only had 2 or 3 malfunctions since it was new. Probably not due to the rifle, but magazine or ammunition truth known. I have re-barreled it once since it was new. I like the gas piston system on the FNs and M-14s and etc. But very questionable if it is that advantageous in the AR Platform and certainly the piston system is bringing a price tag. "It's the new thing and the chicks dig it if you know what I mean. Bottom line if that is what a person wants go for it. But nothing wrong with a good quality gas impingement AR.

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    Why would you stay away from the Ruger SR556? It's built from the ground up as a piston gun. Have you tried them? Share your experience with us plz.