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    Just wanted to pick your brains as I'm still learning.

    For a range shooter and recreational CMP match competing, any preferences (or not) on a H&R, Winchester, or Springfield? I'm talking Sevice Grade, Service Grade Special or Special Grade only.

    I know there's a lot more to consider, but any practical issues between the three? (Deliberately leaving IH out of this).
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    While it may have started life as a Winchester, or Springfield, with the exception of a few weapons tucked away in collections, most all of them will have been thru tech inspections, parts replacements or depot rebuilds. MILSPEC on parts was very tight, with the goal of interchangeability- and they are going to have parts by several makers.

    I would be looking at wear- throat and muzzle, and the date on the barrel- later, better. Others will have different opinions.

  3. JonM

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    im in agreement with C3.

    the M1 is accurate but its plagued by issues not related to your intended purpose. about the tiume you get it dialed in shooting great is juuuuuust about the time something like the oprod or bolt or gas piston assemble go tits up...

    they are great combat guns but they arent that hot for long extended range sessions. if you shoot one a lot your going to wear parts fast. they really arent that sturdy of a design. the M1A is plagued with the same issues.

    there is a reason you dont see either in cmp matches very much once the AR15 was allowed to compete in that class.

    that being said i own a M1 garand and love to shoot it.
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    Thanks C3 and Jon. Went out to the North Store today, kind of a last second trip, and was just wanted to check if there was anything significant to be aware of. I'm just happy to have something fun to shoot. I'm more for the history. CMP competitions are just for fun.
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    As noted above, a completely original M-1 is rare, and priced accordingly.
    Mine started it's service life in 1945 as a Springfield. By the time it reached me it had recieved a Winchester bolt, a LMR barrel dated 12-53, a National Match gas cylinder and operating rod, the stock and handguards are two diffent colors and aparently two different type woods all together. The trigger group is still a Springfield.
    The parkerizing is green in color and the stock is dinged enough to give it "character". Truthfully, it looks like it was drug behind a jeep.
    But that's OK, it's just another Old Soldier, like me. And it's MINE!
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    Not exactly sure where this comes from? I have been shooting Garands and M1A's for many years and never wore one out yet
    Never did anything more than replace springs when needed

    The Garand is widely used in local competions as well as the Nationals at CampPerry
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