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    OK so I'm pretty new to hunting, I started within the last 4 years, and I've cleaned and butchered, probably in a bad way, at least 5 - 6 animals. I really don't think I'm doing it right so I figured I'd ask here.

    How do y'all field dress game? I'm in south Mississippi so it's normally hot and humid. I've been bagging one, immediately take it to my friends place, gut it and toss the guts into the bayou, then take it home to butcher. I feel I should be able to bag at least 2 or 3 before going home, if I get clean shots on legal game.

    Now for the actual butchering. I hang then, skin them, and begin removing muscle groups, then I let the meat sit in an ice chest with fresh ice daily for 3 days, then I cut up the meat for bagging. Now I know the hams, loins, and ribs, but the rest is normally separated by size into either stew meat or roasts. Anyone have a good picture or something pointing out the parts?

    Finally tools, I would like to maybe make sausage and grind up meat and such, so what tools are generally recommended for processing? I figure a grinder and a sausage press-thingy, but how much should I spend? What about sausage casings? I'd rather not clean my own casings. Right now my tools include my knife, one of those fancy skinning knives with the hook, and a pair of handlebars hung in a tree with a nice chain fall, it works pretty damn well honestly lol.

    Of course any other points I may have missed are welcome to be mentioned too.

    Edit: also I'm kinda on a short budget so all those fancy freezers and smoke houses are out of the question for now.
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    First off.. what game? Deer, hogs, squirrels rabbits, coyotes? If its deer sounds liken you have a good setup... perhaps more cutlery

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    Ah I always forget to mention the game lol. Mostly deer and hog, though I would love to get some elk at some point... In the future since we don't get many down here.
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    There are elk in Mississippi?
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    Exactly why it's a distant future sort of thing
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    YouTube : butchering a deer 101
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