Gallup poll on stricter gun controls

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by JWagner, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Bloomberg will buy Gallup and change that dangerous vein of thought!

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    bloomberg doesn't care what we think or how we live, he wants to TELL US how to think and live. face it ladies & gents, king bloomberg knows the best way for you to live your life.

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    These are the sorts of polls you blokes should be hammering every time as it sends a big message that the shooting sports are not to be messed around with.
    Keep hammering any of these and sending letters or emails in every time the anti clowns stick their unwanted noses into anything to do with gun control.
    You'll know when your starting to do good with these polls when the results mysteriously "disappear" if they're going against what the anti's and media want.
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    The reason for this trend is simple... especially that reported drop of anti-gun sentiments since the last panic due to Newtown... one on one conversations with those who actually will listen to reason. I have had literally hundreds of conversations regarding gun control laws with neighbors, coworkers, friends and even family because they know I own and have owned my entire life.... and I am not the only one doing this. I have done my best to convey a message that new restrictions will do nothing to correct the problems they are supposed to solve... and that we do NOT have a gun problem in this country.
    We have a crime problem... we have a criminal problem.. we have a gang problem... we have a drug problem... we have a poverty/lack of jobs/education problem... we have a crazy person problem... we have a racism problem... we have an over reaching government problem... but we do not have a gun problem.

    This coupled with a sane person watching the news and having someone willing to guild them into possibly becoming a first time gun owner... thus creating an even more entrenched pro-firearm society.
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    I don't see a trend. We still favor stricter gun control, 47%. The number will jump every time there is another Sandy Hook. Only 14% want less gun control. That's bad news for the liberians, but they are used to it and will not be deterred.

    Late edit: "We" as a nation. Not me and my cousin.
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    they all fall to hardball. we hold all the trump cards, if we have what it takes to use them effectively
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    polls are not the most accurate indicators of public opinion. they can be manipulated to form a certain pattern that is desirable for the person or group taking the poll.

    most intelligent people won't put much stock or faith in polls.
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    That's the key word right there. Unfortunately, most are not...
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    Most intelligent people probably won't take much faith in these sorts of polls but the point is that if you don't start smashing these sorts of anti polls then the anti's and the window licker politicians will say that "according to the latest polls......" bull**** so then they start making laws accordingly.

    A lot of the major papers here in Australia won't do many of the anti gun polls because we get in and vote and vote often with the end result being that the major papers now aren't really putting many of these polls up because we make the results go against what they're trying to push and this results in less and less of them appearing.

    By not attacking these polls it gives the anti's the idea that you hunters don't really care what happens so they react from there but by continually attacking these stupid media driven polls and turning the results against them they won't have the balls to keep putting them up as you keep voting.

    We've been attacking these sorts of polls in Australia since 1996 and we win just about every time and it gives the anti's the idea that we're not to be pissed off because we also vote and can force changes especially now that we have our political party that's for we hunters,fishermen,4wders, and bush users who attack the parasitic Greens and others of their ilk at every chance.