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    Hi all, I have not posted in some time. I am going in today to have an ultrasound to see if I have gallstones. That is the easy part. If I have them then what do I do. My wife is pushing me very hard to use alternative medicine such as homeopathic cures. She grew up around such stuff and believes in it. I did not grow up around it and do not believe in it as much. We have been getting in fights over the issue for some time now.

    I do not necessarily want to have my gallbladder taken out but I also do not want to be in pain and not be able to eat mush for the rest of my life. I have also heard stories of peoples gallbladder bursting and them getting very sick because of it. So what do you all thing, take the wrath of the wife and have my surgery if DR. says I should or try her way for a month or so and see it is works.
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    One of my dad's buddies had some type of surgery for gallstones that was relatively low-pain & only involved a very small incision.

    Good luck with it & feel better!

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    That homeopathic stuff does indeed work but only over the "long haul"...anotherwords it ain't gonna help ya none if you have waited until a problem pops up to start using it.
    Much like a can't start doing your oil changes every 3k miles after neglecting them for the first 150k miles and expect the same results as if you had done that from the start.

    I have arthritis and it took a full year for the stuff to start doing its stuff but when it did it was much better than the anti inflamitories the docs prescribed at the time. have to find one of them "which doctors" :D that actually know what they are doing! Not all people who dispense homeopathic medicine are equally talented in its application.

    thats my 2 cents.

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    Best wishes. Just be careful where you aim.
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    Get the surgery. Once it is gone its gone. My dad had his taken out and so does my wife.

    Gallstones HURT LIKE AN SOB. The surgery will be more than likely done laproscopicly (SP) which means two maybe 3 small cuts the width of your pinky nail.

    Be warned you can't eat a lot of fat or red meats once it is gone. Nuts may also be a problem. Salami, pepperoni and Beef give my wife hell. Prepare to get GASSY as well.
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    A true gallbladder story, and because we are in the clubhouse, I'll have to watch my language.

    A few years after my father died our "evil stepmother" was being treated for lower back pains by a old chiropractor in a town 30 minutes away. She had been under his care for 3 weeks recieving 2 treatments per week for a total of 6 visits.

    Her last treatment was on a friday at 09:00, she returned home and by 17:00 she was Dead! The county coroner ordered an autopsy, (I think because this B!*ch had so many enemies) and they discovered her gallbladder had exploded. That was probably the cause of her back pain?

    I did not know that could even happen, first I'd ever heard that one! Us kids were all adults by then, families of our own. We talked it over and decided that none of us could sue the chiropractor and keep a straight face. Nobody really gave a s&!t.

    25 yrs ago when I had a full chest x-ray my doc told me mine is enlarged. He said to keep an eye on it and if it "acted up" he'd yank it out. So far its never bothered, but if it ever does, out it goes. I will not screw with it. To me its just as potentially deadly as an appendix.

    Hopefully yours isn't to the point where it needs to be removed. Best of health, Ken
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    My good friend just had his removed and was back at work a couple of days later. His eating habits have not been much of a problem, and we tend to to eat some pretty tasty grub for lunch. Chili Cheese Burgers yesterday.:D

    His dad had his removed 25 years ago and never altered his eating habits (Old school Swedish) and has never had a problem.

    Seems like a fairly simple procedure.
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    I had a gall stone lodge in the neck of my gall bladder, it turned gangrenous and what should have been a 45 minute micro-surgery turned into a 5 hour, gut me like a king salmon, near death experience. I did a week in hospital, 10 week recovery, was pretty buggered up for a goodly while. Don't mess about with your gall stones. If Doc says yank it, yank it. Some foods do make me head for the toilet within about 40 minutes of ingestion, never quite know what it's going to be. The greasier the easier it slides it seems.
    ps. mine presented as pain in back and chest, the night I went for medical help I thought I was having a heart attack.
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    Do some research. Most gallbladder removal surgeries go well but some people are left with chronic diarrhea if eating fatty foods after gallbladder surgery. It's not usual but it can happen. The only way, in my opinion, to treat it without surgery would be to follow a low fat diet for the rest of your life. Now, that would probably do you good for your health in the long run but it's not much fun, for sure. Personally, I'd opt for the surgery.
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    Most people don't know that gallstones are mostly hardened cholesterol. It is like a hard gummy candy.

    There is a homeopathic remedy that a lot of people swear by (search gallstone cleanse) but the first is best done with a doctor's approval due to the possibility of a gallstone getting lodged by the bile duct. "Maintenance" thereafter can be done w/o much risk. Same treatment is supposed to lower cholesterol levels as well. The good part is it is supposed to be easy and cheap (just need olive oil and lemon juice). Have been planning on doing it for years but kept on putting it off.
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    be careful with the homeopathic stuff. it often uses powerful herbs that are not regulated by dosage in any real fashion and can cause more damage than help. consult your doctor before undertaking any herb based remedies. taking an excess of vitamins can actually poison you.

    personally i think a lot of the health food touchy feely stuff is credited with with benefits it doesnt deserve. for example someone changes their diet was the change due to the wondrous properties of a certain food or was it because they stopped eating so much junk?? i lean towards moderation. if your wife for example wants to dose you with fish oils comprimise with her and add more fish to the diet replace beef with it. just my opinion.

    do what your doctor recomends.